How to Help Tow Truck Drivers in DeSoto, TX; Reduce Speed Driving Around Tow Trucks & More

One of the most overlooked heroes of the road are tow truck drivers. These unsung heroes with so many scenarios and variables that render a vehicle inoperable, will fight heavy traffic, severe weather, and other trials to get to your destination to offer their services. When a vehicle is in a collision, experiencing mechanical failure,…

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How to Avoid Unwanted Towing of Your Vehicle Parked on Private Property in Dallas, TX

Removing vehicles from private property is one of the major sources of business for many towing companies. Under certain circumstances, private property towing is applicable on residential or commercial properties. You run the risk of having your vehicle towed in the event you decide to park on private property. It is important to understand towing…

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Why You Should Not Do DIY Towing in Cleburne, TX; Safety, Damage, Driving Techniques & More

As soon as possible when an automotive breakdown occurs, many people are eager to get their vehicle to the repair shop, or at least off the public streets or parking lots. The do it yourself attempts at towing almost always prove to be foolish and even dangerous, however, particularly when compared to the consistent, safe,…

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