What Do the Numbers & Letters on Tires Mean in Lewisville, TX? Recommended Tire Pressure, Speed Rating & More

It is important to know the details about your vehicle. From the type of fuel, oil and air filters to the tires on your vehicle for proper care and maintenance. For our vehicle’s ride and safety, tires are one of the most critical components and catalysts. For proper performance however, your vehicle has specific tire…

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My Car is Leaking Fluid in Denton, TX; How to Identify Brake, Radiator & Other Fluid Leaks to Prevent a Breakdown

For many drivers, discovering any type of pooled liquid in a spot where your car was parked can be frustrating. There is a definite indication there is a problem with the vehicle when you see these liquid stains. For those who are not familiar with the mechanics of a vehicle, identifying which fluid is leaking,…

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Summer Car AC Maintenance in Mesquite, TX; Check Serpentine Belt Wear, Inspect Coolant Levels & More

As each state gradually reopens, lives are returning to a bit of normalcy. As a result, people are returning to their job sites, visiting loved ones, and using their vehicles more regularly. With us firmly in summer and people relying on their vehicle’s air conditioner to remain comfortable during the hot summer months. With constant…

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