What to Know if Your Vehicle is Towed After a Car Accident in Celina, TX; Towing Info & More

Being in an accident is overwhelming, and if someone was injured, even more so. In addition to the initial concern of everyone’s safety and health, you also are faced with state of your vehicle, and in many cases, how will you get home. After an accident, we are dedicated to helping. If you need towing in Irving, we are here to help no matter what happens on the road. Today, we at Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance would like to discuss what all you should know if your vehicle needs to be towed after an accident.

Who is Responsible for Towing After an Accident

If your vehicle is operatable to drive, and who is responsible for towing the vehicle is not drivable, and more are all concerns you have once the dust settles after an accident. There are several signs that your vehicle may not be safe to drive that are listed below following a collision.
– Tire damage
– The vehicle does not start
– Steering problems
– Leaking fluids
– Extensive damage to the frame
If it is experiencing any of these issues, or if you are injured in the accident, never operate your vehicle. You can avoid more potential damage and fees by calling Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance Services for a tow. Just because a tow truck arrives on the scene does not mean that your car will be towed. Ultimately, it is up to the driver to make contact and sign paperwork to remove the vehicle.

Contacting Auto Insurance

It can be very beneficial to alert your car insurance company after an accident occurs. It allows you to provide critical information moments after the accident including other driver information in addition to providing you with further clarification on the next steps. It will offset the cost of towing if you have roadside assistance through your insurance.

Where is Vehicle Taken After a Car Accident?

You can request their vehicle be taken to a particular auto repair facility and many owners have the opportunity to express their concerns with the tow truck company. tow trucks may be called to the scene to remove the pileup with many vehicles being towed to impound lots or the tow company’s lot it is an accident that involves multiple vehicles, unfortunately.

Documentation from Towing Company

If it is taken to an impound lot, you want to find out where they are taking your vehicle, what is the towing costs, and any storage fees that may be incurred. You can reclaim your vehicle later on once you can get some sort of confirmation like a receipt or invoice number with the details. After an accident, your auto insurance may reimburse any towing fees that are incurred, but only with proper documentation.

Having Your Vehicle Towed Following an Accident

Your vehicle should not be towed before law enforcement arrives and gives you the green light. For their report, they will need to know where each vehicle ended up after a crash, as well as the extent of the damages. Contact a tow truck service to come to your location and remove your vehicle after the officers tag your car for removal. You can remove any important paperwork or personal belongings from your vehicle while waiting for the tow truck to arrive and if your vehicle is safe to enter, but keep in mind that your safety and the other drivers’ safety come first. After an accident, always listen to law enforcement and your insurance company for specific instructions.

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No matter the reasons, when you need a tow in Irving, TX and surrounding areas, contact Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance Services and let us provide you with quality towing services.

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