Best Roadside Emergency Kits in Plano, TX; First Aid Kit, Road Flares, Jumper Cables & More

Some are some things in life you just can’t prepare for. Then there are other things that we can prepare for but just don’t. Having car problems is not always avoidable, but making sure you have a roadside emergency kit in case it happens is something that you can control. You never know when you may be stranded on the side of the road due to car troubles without a cell phone signal to call for help. Every car should have a basic roadside emergency kit in it just in case.

What to Include in Your Roadside Emergency Kit

When you are making your roadside emergency kit you will want to keep in mind the age and condition of your vehicle, your driving patterns, and the weather. We have assembled a list of basic supplies that you should consider putting in your car for those emergency situations that may pop up. You kit should include the following items:
First Aid Kit: You will want to make sure that you include band-aids; hand sanitizer; antiseptic; antibiotic ointment; bug spray; aspirin; cotton balls; gauze pads; tweezers; bandana; ace bandage
Fire Extinguisher: Make sure that you choose one that is small and easy to store in the trunk of your vehicle.
Road Flares: Sometimes road flares might already be in the car with your tire-changing tools.
Jumper Cables: Just having jumper cables is not enough, you will want to also make sure that you know how to properly use the jumper cables.
Gas can
Flat tire inflation canister
Spare tire and jack
Small tool kit
Paper towels or rags
Spare car fuses
Bottled water
Rain poncho
Flashlight and extra batteries
Duct tape
Washer fluid
Pen and paper

Other Items to Include in Your Emergency Car Kit

If you are going on a long road trip you may want to consider adding some items temporarily to your car. Some items that you may want to include but are not as vital as the ones listed above:
Hand-held GPS unit
Towing strap or chain
Emergency car battery charger
Extra pair of shoes and gloves
Cell phone charger
Sleeping bags

What to Store Your Roadside Emergency Kit In

After you have gathered everything for your roadside emergency kit you will want to find a way to store it in your trunk. How you store it is not as important as the fact that you have it. You can use a cardboard box, duffel bag, or a backpack. You can also purchase pre-assembled roadside emergency kits that have storage bags included with them.

Know How to Use the Tools in Your Car Kit

Another important part of preparing for the best possible outcome in case of a roadside emergency is making sure that you know how to properly use some of the tools and items listed above. Having jumper cables or a flat tire inflation canister will not help you at all if you do not know how to use them. If you do not know how to use these items please find someone that can show you how to use them in case the need arises.

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