Causes of Puncture Holes, Sidewall Damage & Common Tire Failure Problems in Crowley, TX

Flat tires and blowouts are a common experience for most experienced drivers. Having a tire problem is never convenient, but they seem to occur when you are already late, or on busy roads. Unfortunately, quite a few people are not accustomed to changing the tire whether they lack the know-how or have the essential tools. When you are stuck with a bad tire, you can call an expert towing professional who will provide tire changes as a part of there roadside assistance services. Taking the time to inspect the tires before you head to your destination can help reduce problems while on the road, but it helps to know what you are looking for. Today, we at Speedway Towing would like to share the common tire issues that lead to blowouts or flats.

Tire Puncture Holes

The roads are commonly littered with sharp debris, as well as garages and driveways. Running over the assorted debris at just the right angle can easily result in a puncture that then leads to a flat. Industrial staples, nails and screws are amongst the likely culprits of the offending debris that causes the puncture holes in tires. Glass has the potential to do damage to the tread that compromise the structural integrity of the tire but is generally not durable enough to puncture a hole in the tire. Depending on the hole, the air leaks stream low, to moderate, to rapidly after the nail or other object gets dislodged from your tire, depending on how big the hole. If you try putting air in your tire, the PSI is quickly lost soon thereafter making the leak fairly obvious. If the leak is slow should you be lucky enough to be close to a tire specialist or a mechanic, you can probably get your car there in time before additional damage to the tire occurs. A better solution is calling for assistance in changing the tire to a spare or need a tow.

Damage to the Tire Sidewall

Sidewall damage can also cause a flat or even a blowout. Whenever there is sidewall damage, the tire is deemed irreparable and will require replacing. Sidewall damage is when the sides of the tire separates in the layers, which intact, allows for flexibility and movement. More often than not, people cause sidewall damage when the tire cuts into the curb at the right point of view. With enough pressure and rapidly paced damage, a blowout is highly likely.

Other Types of Tire Failure

There are additional reasons as to what causes tire damage is when the tire was poorly installed to the rim, they are older, balding, or the spout was improperly sealed. Visually inspecting the tires and using am inexpensive tire pressure gauge to ensure the pressure is at the correct PSI is highly beneficial. Not only can you spot a leak, but you can enhance your safety.

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Should you find the need, Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance is happy to oblige with our roadside assistance services and provide quality tire change. Should the tire change prove to be inadequate or inapplicable, we can easily get your vehicle towed.

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