Common Errors About Towing in Plano, TX; Are Tows 24 Hour? Do Towing Companies Tow Exotic Cars & More

It can be interesting to hear what many people believe about towing services. Often the entertainment industry has painted a picture about towing that people believe is true. Towing is a service to help aid our local community and drivers. To help bring a clearer picture about towing services, Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance would like to share the most common misconceptions about towing services.

Towing Companies Aren’t Out to Get Your Vehicle!

Due to some popular TV shows or movies, there are many who believe a tow truck driver is driving around town looking for a vehicle to repossess or those vehicles that are parked illegally. This is simply not true. Towing is too much of a demanding service to have drivers looking to take away cars. In reality, a tow truck driver must be contacted first. If you were parked illegally, it would require the property owner to call in a tow truck. As tow truck drivers can pick up illegally parked vehicles, their primary service is to help people whose vehicles have broken down or have been in an accident. However, towing companies also provide long distance towing services, as well as winch out services which help to recover vehicles stuck in the mud or ditch. Towing companies also provide roadside assistance which covers a wide range of helpful services.

Are Towing Services 24 Hour?

You may see on a movie someone trying to call for a tow when broken down only to discover the towing service is closed for the day. If this was true you would find a lot more broken down vehicles sitting on the side of the road. Most, if not all, towing services provide 24/7 service. Break downs and accidents can occur any time even at night. This is why a towing service is always operating and ready to serve our community.

Does a Towing Company Tow Unique, Classic or Exotic Vehicles?

Most people assume a tow truck can only tow the average, every day vehicle such as cars, vans, trucks and SUVs. However, this is just another common misconception. A towing company, depending on their fleet, can tow motorcycles, classic or luxury vehicles and even oversize commercial vehicles. Commercial towing or oversized towing services can tow buses, tractors, and other large vehicles as well as some construction equipment. For those who ride motorcycles or need a classic or exotic vehicle towed with extra care, that is no problem as towing companies often have a range of different tow trucks that are designed for all types of vehicles.

Is it Hard Being a Tow Truck Driver?

Movies and TV shows love to portray a late and overworked tow truck driver with a bad attitude. However, this is not so. Tow truck drivers are often very punctual and will often provide a rather close estimate for their time of arrival. Tow truck drivers still need to navigate traffic and depending on their location, require enough time to get to your location. But you will find the tow truck operator will have a speedy arrival and be kind and professional.

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Put these common misconceptions aside. When you need a quality towing and roadside assistance service, contact Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance today.

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