Common Tire Defects, Tread Separation, Sidewall Blowout & Failure Analysis in Irving, TX; Under Inflated Tires, Uneven Wear & More

On occasion, the tires on our vehicles fail us during the worst of times. Flat tires and blowouts happen without warning. However what causes the tire fail and seeing the warning signs can help spare the driver the need to stop and change their tire or call roadside assistance. Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance will share the different causes of tire failure in the hope our customers can avoid any unnecessary flats in the future.

Under Inflated Tires

One of the leading tire failures is under inflation. This means there is not enough air within the tires. When the tires do not have enough air, the tire becomes too flexible which can weaken the inner sidewall of the tire. Often the inner sidewall can begin to separate which can lead to blow outs. Because the inner sidewall has separated, the air will flow between the separated inner lining and the outer wall where eventually the pressure and weight will cause the tire to blowout. You will typically see the blowout occur on the shoulder or sides of the tire. Under inflation can be prevented simply by regularly inspecting your tire’s air pressure. Short distances will not cause a blowout. However if under inflation is left unchecked, eventually a flat or blowout will occur.

Uneven Tire Wear

Irregular tire wear that occurs rather quickly is most commonly due to mechanical issues, such as misalignment or worn suspension. These are major contributors to many tire failures. Rapid irregular tire wear is a sign of some of these mechanical issues. You may notice that only one area or side of a tire is significantly worn down and more so than the other side or portion of the rest of the tire. Oddly enough the rest of the tire might be in rather good condition especially newer tires, but due to the worn down side or edge of the tire, it must be replaced. One common tire wear pattern to indicate a misalignment issue is that two or more tires are being worn down on the same edge of the tire. The second wear pattern that could indicate a suspension problem is a diagonal wear pattern on the tire. Both wear patterns typically will weaken the outside tread of the tire making them more susceptible to blowouts and flats. If your vehicle is showing any of the wear pattern signs due to mechanical problems, take your vehicle to a professional mechanic to correct these mechanical issues.

Tire Road Hazards

Your vehicle’s tires get the majority of the abuse from poor road conditions or debris left in the roads. Especially during freeway speeds and hitting a pothole or debris left in the road. This creates a lot of force for the impact. Often these high speed impacts can cause a lot of pressure between the sidewall of the tire and the wheel flange which results in a large crack or split on the outer sidewall of the tire causing the air to leak. This leads to a flat tire. Unfortunately, the only advice we have when it comes to this all too common type of tire failure is to avoid road hazards.

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