Different Types of Tow Trucks in Saginaw, TX for Light, Medium & Heavy Duty Towing, Vehicle Recovery & More

The towing industry can greatly vary from one company to the next. Often it will depend on what types of tow trucks they have in their fleet that will define what services a towing company provides. A tow truck doesn’t mean the company can move any vehicle, big or small. There are different types of tow trucks that have their own design and purpose. To better understand how towing works and to make sure you get the right kind of help you need, Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance will share the different types of tow truck and what they are towing.

Light to Medium Duty Towing

Most towing services will provide light to medium duty towing. A medium or light duty tow truck consists of flat bed and wheel lift tow trucks. A flatbed tow truck, as the name suggests, has a long flatbed that the vehicle being towed sits on. A wheel lift tow truck loads the front or the back half of your vehicle and rolls the other end along the road. A light and medium duty tow truck handles your average, every day vehicle, such as pickup trucks, vans, SUVs, cars, and even motorcycles. Light and Medium duty tow trucks can pick up a vehicle that has broken down, has been in an accident or simply needs to be transported. For the most common and general use of towing services, you would use a light to medium duty towing service.

Heavy Duty Towing

A heavy duty towing service is when a towing company has a tow truck large enough to tow tractors, buses and other industrial sized equipment or vehicles. Heavy duty tow trucks are like a flatbed tow truck but bigger and can load the large equipment or vehicle onto a bed. A heavy duty tow, or commonly referred to as a commercial towing, is designed to handle the oversized vehicles. A heavy duty towing service isn’t something that needs to be scheduled and can arrive to the site as soon as you need them. If you have a tractor, bus, trailer and other oversized equipment or vehicle that you need towed, you will want a heavy duty towing service or a commercial towing service.

Vehicle Recovery Services

A vehicle recovery or an emergency recovery service is a tow truck but with additional equipment. A vehicle recovery tow truck comes with a powerful winch and even a crank to help recover vehicles that are stuck in a ditch, the mud, or even during a rollover accident. A recovery tow truck can help vehicles that are essentially stuck and you need to tow them away from the site. If you need help when stuck in the mud or in a ditch you will need a vehicle recovery service over a traditional towing service.

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It helps to understand what the different types of towing services are and what they do, so you will know what type of service you need. If you need light, medium, heavy duty or vehicle recovery services, contact Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance. We provide service 24/7.

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