First Time Needing to Tow a Broken Down Car in White Settlement, TX? What to Say to a Towing Company

For those who find their vehicle broken down for the first time you may not know what to do. It is important to react to a break down properly to ensure the safety of the passengers, other drivers and yourself. Along with safety will need to find some help. Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance will share how to react to a break down and how to find help quickly.

What to Do when Your Car Breaks Down

A break down is never an easy situation. We often think our vehicle’s are indestructible and will always get us to our destinations. When a vehicle breaks down for the first time, most people panic and do not know what to do. When you break down never panic, reacting to a break down is not that difficult, but it may put a delay on your day. When you notice your vehicle is beginning to fail quickly turn on your emergency or hazard lights, the flashing will alert other drivers that you are experiencing a problem. Pull over to the side of the road and try to get to the far right side if you are able. If possible get to a parking lot or look for an open area. Leave your emergency lights on. You will want to make sure other drivers on the road sees your vehicle.

What Do You Say to a Towing Company when You Have a Broken Down Car?

If there is a clearing, you and your other passengers should get out of the vehicle and get away from traffic. Next you will want to call a towing service. It is wise to already have the phone number of a towing company you trust in your cell phone. In the event you have broken down you know who to call. You will want to contact the towing company and request a tow. Before calling your towing company, have an idea of the place you want your vehicle towed. If you want it towed to your mechanic, you may want to contact them first and set up your vehicle’s drop off with your towing service. To make your towing experience smoother, it helps to have a destination for the tow truck operator before you call them. Additionally, you will have a faster estimate for the towing service. When contacting your towing service they will ask you a few questions such as:
• Where is the vehicle’s location and the number of passengers? Give a detailed location of you and your vehicle so the tow truck operator can locate you better.
• What is the vehicle’s make, model, color, and license plate number? This better helps the tow truck operator locate your vehicle.
• What is the nature of the tow? This is so the towing service knows your towing needs and what truck to send out.
• What is the vehicle’s destination? When having your vehicle towed, the tow truck operator will need to know where to take your vehicle.
After answering all of the operator’s questions, they will quickly arrive to your location and begin loading your vehicle. You will want to remove all personal items from your vehicle before the tow truck driver arrives.

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