How Does a Car Act when it Runs Out of Gas in Arlington, TX & What to Do; Call for Roadside Help!

When your fuel gauge is indicating you are low on gas, we often push our vehicle a little too far in hopes we can make it to work on time or we under estimate how much gas is actually left. When you find yourself on the road and your vehicle quits on you because you’ve run out of gas, you may wonder what to do. You may also wonder if you can walk to a nearby gas station and hope they have a tank and gas you can buy. Another option is to call roadside assistance. Speedy Towing & Roadside Assistance will share what to do when you run out of gas.

What to Do if You Run Out of Gas

Pull over to a safe area: If you notice you car stalling and a rapid loss of power to your vehicle because you are out of gas, get to a safe place immediately before the engine dies. Either pull into a parking lot or drive off to the side of the road. Turn your hazard lights on to indicate to other drivers you are having a problem. In turn, they should act more cautiously. If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of stalling out while on the road and you have no momentum to get to the side of the road, again turn on your hazard lights. Next when it’s safe to do so, and the other divers have pass or slowed down around you, get out of your vehicle and push your vehicle onto the shoulder from the driver side as you still control the wheel. When your vehicle is in a safe place, put the safety brake on.
Call for Roadside Assistance: The convenience of having a portable phone is that during times of an emergency, you can call for help. However a cell phone without a battery is no good. Therefore, it is recommended you always keep an extra phone charger inside your car. Conserve your battery if you don’t have one with you. First determine your location. You may need you to use your phone for this step. Next, contact a roadside assistance provider. We will ask you your location and what you need. Once the call has been made, you will need to sit and wait until we arrive. Often we will attempt to call you back if we can’t locate you or to advise you of traffic delays or any other such problems. We’re sharing this to help encourage you not to play games on your phone or change your status on Facebook as this will drain your phone’s battery. Unless you have a charger, stay off your phone until help arrives.
Fuel Delivery: Once help arrives we will provide you with enough gas to get you going and see if you require any additional assistance. The service man will wait until you leave to make sure there aren’t any complications. Make sure to get to the closest gas station and fill up. Some additional advice is to never allow your gas to get too low for too long. For those who only keep about a half a tank of gas and never fill it all the way up you can damage your gas tanks. Minerals can build up inside and form a crystal like corrosion and ruin your vehicle’s gas tank.

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