How Does Cold Weather Affect Vehicles in Carrollton, TX? Tire Pressure, Engine Starting & More

The weather is sure to change with the seasons. There are months of hot weather that sends people running to the beach and pools. On the other side of the season there are cold temperatures that send people running in the house more and attending activities in the warm home or business. The cold temperature messes with a lot of things like your plants and it also has an adverse effect on your car or truck as well. When it comes to cars and trucks there are temperatures they are meant to work the best in. You want to make sure that you know what is happening to your car in the cold weather.

Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance Lists Affects of Leaving Car Outside in Cold Weather

Cold Weather Cracked Windshield: The cold weather is hard on many areas of the car but the windshield is one of them. The cold weather will make the windows on your car cold as well. This means that ice can start to form. The reaction that you might have is to pour some warm water over the window to clear it off so you can get going. This is a big mistake and the quick change from cold to hot will cause the window to crack. You want to use cold water if you are using water at all but allowing the defrosting unit to do the job for you if have the time. You also want to make sure that you have the right liquid in the windshield washers. There is fluid that will not freeze or get too warm from the motor so that is also does not cause any damage.
Cold Weather Oil Change: The other problem that will occur when you are in the cold winter months is that the oil will start to thicken. The oil is a necessary for the car to run smoothly and when it is too thick it will not be able to do that. You will likely notice this as a problem when you go to start the car for the first time. It may take the car a few extra seconds to turn over in the morning or after it has sat for a few hours. This is hard on the vehicle and the starter.
Temperature Affects Tire Pressure: You also may start to notice a problem with your tires. There are two problems that begin to occur when you are in the cold weather. The first is that the air in the tires will shrink in the cold and that will decrease the PSI. Also the rubber on the tires will be stiffened and that will make it so that the car is not gripping the street as well. The warmer they are the better they grip the road. The winter also has slick roads with snow, ice and rain that make it a little harder to grip as well.

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