How Long Can You Drive with Check Engine Light On to Avoid a Car Breakdown in Plano, TX?

When you buy a car you want to get in, start it up and take off to run your errands. When you start to have car troubles you know it can be concerning. The interesting thing is that most vehicles have a system that will start to alert you when the car or truck needs assistance. One of the most common ones that we tend to pay attention to is the gas gauge. When the gas gets under a quarter tank we head to the gas station to fill up. There are some people that wait for the gas light to come on which is a secondary alert that gas is needed. A light that you don’t want to see come on is the check engine light. The dash is full of lights that are there to alert you to issues and what is going on with the car or truck. The check engine light is not a good one and could mean trouble for your vehicle.

Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance Explains What the Check Engine Light is & Why it Might Come On

What Is A Check Engine Light: If you have a car that is less than 15 years old you have a system that is quite elaborate. The cars today are much more aware of the entire car and what it can need. They are often outfitted with a computer system that keeps track of everything in the car. You can’t have a light to indicate every small repair that may need to be made so the check engine light exists. It is a light that is used to alert you that there is some kind of malfunction in the motor of the engine. The light will come on for many different reasons but they all need equal attention.
What Could Cause the Check Engine Light to Come On?: The light will come on and that means you need to see a professional to know what it means. There are many working parts and levels that need to be accurate in order for the engine and vehicle to work well. If the light happens to come on you need to have a diagnostic ran on the car. The scan will determine what codes have to do with the light. These codes can be looked up for your specific cars year, make and model. The code is what a mechanic can use to start their repairs of the diagnosis.
How Long Can You Drive with Check Engine Light On?: If you have a vehicle that has a check engine light come on you want to have it checked as soon as possible. The range of issues can be anything from a loose fitting gas cap to something much more severe. If you choose to overlook the issue it can lead to more damage. This is just costing you money so have the codes ran and the car or truck checked right away. This will determine how quickly you need to have the repairs done.

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