How to Change a Flat Tire on a Car, Truck or Bike on the Side of the Road in Arlington, TX

Unfortunately, there are many instances where drivers under the influence or simply not paying attention have collided with folks trying to change their tire on the side of the road. It is an unnerving proposition that when your tire becomes useless that you are risking life and limb to get out of your vehicle to contend with the problem. To maximize your safety, we at Speedway Towing and Roadside Assistance would like to share some tips on how you can change your tire on the side of the road safely.

How to Loosen Lug Nuts & Change a Tire

1) Pull Over to a Safe Location. Above all else, find a safe place to pull over; if you are o the highway and can make it to the next exit, do so, otherwise pull over as far from the shoulder as possible. Avoid the curves in the road as visibility is minimized to traffic, putting you and your vehicle at risk. Make sure the road is flat as putting your vehicle on a jack on a hill can be especially dangerous. Always make sure that your parking brake is on.
2) Light Up Your Vehicle. Make sure your hazard lights are on, headlights couldn’t hurt and if you have roadside reflector triangles or flares and set them behind your vehicles a ways to be more noticed.
3) Prepare Tools Needed to Change a Tire. Get your spare tire and all the tools you need to change the tire and have it next to you as you work. Not only will it be more convenient, but it will expedite the process.
4) Loosen Lug Nuts. If there is a hubcap covering the lug nuts, remove it first and simply loosen them with your lug wrench before you jack it up. If the lug nuts are tighter than your strength, position it right to stand in the wrench to give you more leverage.
5) Jack Up Your Car. Place the jack in the correct location. Consult your manual if necessary. Once the jack is securely located, jack up the vehicle approximately 6” off the ground.
6) Remove Lug Nuts. Remove the lug nuts in a criss-cross pattern and place them in a contained location near you. Once the lug nuts are completely removed, pull the tire straight toward you.
7) Spare Tire. Slide the spare tire on and screw the lug nuts back on in that same criss-cross pattern until the tire spins instead of the lug nut.
8) Lower Car. Lower the vehicle from the jack. Once the vehicle is connected to the ground, follow your criss-cross pattern and tighten the lug nuts to their full potential with arm strength.
9) Clean Up. After the tire change is complete, place the damaged tire the trunk and put all the tools away quickly and efficiently.

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If you are unfamiliar with how to change a flat tire, or lack the physical capability, call in the professionals! If you are in need of a tire change, call Speedway Towing and Roadside Assistance and let our experts come and assistance you!

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