How to Get Car Stuck in Sand or Mud Unstuck in Plano, TX & Avoid it Happening Again!

Driving on less than ideal road surfaces have been experienced by most drivers at some point. Where some scenarios can be avoided, others simply cannot. When you find driving on questionable terrains, such as dirt, mud, sand, or snow, there are some precautions you can make that will make sure your vehicle doesn’t get stuck. Though these conditions differ greatly from each other, and the severity can vary, these tips we at Speedway Towing and Roadside Assistance have compiled, can potentially help you avoid getting your vehicle stuck in mud, sand, dirt, or snow.

Car Stuck in Mud or Sand? How to Get Your Vehicle Out!

1) Slightly deflate your tires before embarking on questionable terrain. When traveling in mud, deep sand, or snow it is recommended that you slightly deflate your tires in order to make sure that your tires have maximum contact with the surface. Keep in mind that your clearance will be lower so the contact of tires with the ground over rough terrain with deep potholes will be occasional even though the deflated tires will offer better traction. Drive carefully with these conditions and once the roads become optimal again, be sure to inflate your tires at the appropriate pressure.
2) Physically assess the condition of the patch ahead. In the event you are uncertain about the road conditions ahead, it never hurts to get out of the vehicle physically assess the conditions of the path before you; providing it is safe to do so. Taking the time to do so can help you determine the optimal route by avoiding unusual conditions and hazards.
3) Maintain your momentum and drive as steady as possible. In sand, snow, or mud, driving slowly is highly recommended, however, maintaining momentum is equally important. Travel at a steady speed easily but if you engage higher gears, it is encouraged to throttle back a little if the wheels start to spin to help you regain the traction.
4) Drive in a straight line if the path permits. When you assess the route to take through the rougher terrains, you should minimize the curves and drive in a series of straight-line paths and stick to them as much as possible.
5) Do not suddenly brake. Avoid using brakes when driving in these conditions, especially in sand, because otherwise the sudden braking will cause a deep rut from which you will have difficulty emerging. Should you need stop, give yourself enough time to simply slow down your vehicle and let your vehicle eventually come to a rest. When traversing sand dunes, never do it at an angle and be sure to drive straight up and down.
6) Keep an observant eye out for deep ruts. When driving in mud or dirt, there are likely deep ruts, so keep an eye out for them. It is essential to remember where your front wheels are pointing because your vehicle’s tires will naturally follow the direction of the rut. If your front wheels suddenly enter a dry patch, regain traction. To regain traction, make sure to point the wheels in the direction of the rut.

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