How to Jump Start a Dead Car Battery in Bedford, TX; Call for Emergency Roadside Assistance

Most drivers will experience having a dead battery at least once in their driving career. Whether the battery was drained from leaving the lights on, or the car door slightly ajar, or perhaps, weather, or age, the battery will often lose a charge. Trying to turn the vehicle’s engine over leaves nothing but silence, and perhaps a small clicking sound. Regardless, the vehicle cannot start without a sufficient charge in the battery to give it life. When this situation does occur, it is in your better interest to seek a professional’s assistance and call for roadside assistance, as an expert is equipped and trained to handle this problem. However, if you are determined to take on the task yourself, we at Speedway Towing and Roadside Assistance would like to share how to jump start your battery to avoid injury or damage to you or your vehicle.

Tips for Jumping a Car Battery

1) What you need to jump start a car battery. First you need a running vehicle and the driver willing to lend a hand and some jumper cases. If you are in a commercial parking lot with security, most of the security offers might be willing to help you get the jump you need, otherwise you can phone a friend to come to your location or ask a stranger. What ever option you decide on, be sure you conduct yourself in a safe manner.
2) Secure the jumper cables properly. There is a specific way you need to attach the jumper cables to both your battery and the helper car’s battery. There is a negative charge and a positive charge. If they cables are not plainly labeled, keep in mind that they are at least color-coated; the red is positive, and the black is negative. Attach the running vehicle first, and the down vehicle.
3) Start your car. Let the connection sit for a few minutes and then crank the key over. From here it should be running, if not try one or two more times. If the vehicle does not respond, you will likely need a tow. If the vehicle does turn on, do not immediately turn it off, let it run, whether you drive it for a few minutes or wait it town to let the battery regain a charge. In the event the battery is dead and will not start, call Speedway Towing and Roadside Assistance. We will try to jump start it with advanced methods, and if successful, the professional will check on the battery and other elements to ensure a safe drive and let recommend if you need to replace it. Should the battery not start, our friendly driver can tow your vehicle to your destination of choice. Whether you want the expertise of a mechanic, or you want to have the car taken to your home, our drivers can oblige.

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Keep in mind that a jump start is only effective for a discharged battery. Other issues will need the expertise of a mechanic. If the car is improperly jumpstarted, you can potentially cause damage or injury, play it safe and call Speedway Towing and Roadside Assistance if your battery dies.

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