If Your Braking System Fails in Plano, TX, You Can Still Use Your Emergency Brakes!

We rely on our vehicle to get us to our various destinations. There are times our vehicle will experience different types of failure and one of the scariest failures of all is when your vehicle’s brakes go out while you are driving. Most panic and they will wonder how they can stop their vehicle before they get into an accident. Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance will share what to do if you ever experience brake failure while driving on the road.

Attempt to Engage Brakes

Reduce Speed & Pull Emergency Brake

If you have lost your total brake system, you will want to reduce your speed before you begin employing your emergency brakes. Your emergency braking system is separate from the hydraulic braking system and therefore, they should still engage. However emergency brakes often take much longer to bring a vehicle to a full stop. Before engaging your emergency brakes, take your foot off the accelerator to help reduce your vehicle’s speed. Again, when you first realize you have lost your brakes, put your emergency light on to indicate your experiencing problems. If you’re in a manual, you can begin shifting down to your lowest gear to help reduce speed. If you have an automatic, again simply stop applying pressure on the gas pedal. Work your way out of traffic. Either coast over to the curb on the side of the road, or if you’re on the freeway, get on the far right side and allow your vehicle to slow down. If possible, try to find a big open area like a parking lot or open land where you can drive in a big circle until you fully reduce speed. Once your vehicle has reduced speed to about 35 to 45 mph begin engaging your emergency braking system.

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If you’re experiencing the biggest horror story possible and even your emergency brakes have failed and you can’t stop your vehicle, your last attempt to stop your vehicle is to rub the tires of your car on a road barrier or the curb to give the front wheel enough resistance to slow down. When your vehicle begins to slow down, don’t turn your vehicle off. Wait until it comes to a complete stop. If you turn your vehicle off before you stop, you can lose power steering which will make it difficult to control your vehicle. Once you have stopped your vehicle, contact an emergency roadside assistance and towing company. It is best to have your vehicle towed to your preferred mechanic to repair your brakes. If you find you need roadside assistance or if you need your vehicle towed, contact Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance.

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