Risk of Self Towing in Fort Worth, TX; Engine, Transmission & Other Vehicle Damage, Personal Injury & More

In addition to being extremely expensive if something were to go wrong self-towing your vehicle can be dangerous. It is always a concern to get you and your vehicle safely home as soon as possible when you suffer a breakdown, or you are involved in an accident. Though this desire is warranted, when you consider self-towing, whether it is because you want to save money, time, or both, you should take the time to reach out to a professional towing expert. With this in mind, we at Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance would like to take the opportunity to stress some of the risks and dangers involved in self towing and why it should be avoided. When you need a tow in Irving, Texas and surrounding areas, we can provide quality towing services.

Is it Safe to Tow a Car Yourself?

The risks and dangers of self-towing your vehicle is pinpointed below.
1) Tow Rating is Incorrect: Most people are unaware, but all vehicles are only allowed to tow a specific amount of weight. Both the vehicle being towed as well as the tow vehicle can be damaged when towing with an underrated vehicle. Before attempting a self-tow, it is vital to know the weight of your vehicle and the tow rating of the vehicle doing the towing if you insist on towing the down the vehicle yourself. To avoid potential and expensive damage, it is in your better interest to tow a vehicle with the help of a professional towing expert.
2) You, Other Motorists, and Pedestrians are in Physical Danger. It is inherently dangerous to tow a vehicle anywhere for any period. During the tow, there are a variety of different scenarios that can and do happen. In addition to likely causing more damage to the vehicle than before you started, you can also cause anywhere from mild to severe injuries to yourself and any other people in your path.
3) Lack of Towing Experience. Driving yourself and driving while towing another vehicle are very different. In order to learn how to handle a vehicle being towed, it requires years of experience. Drivers employed by towing companies have experience in the field and have an understanding of the proper and safe procedures. Experts are much more prepared for anything which may occur when they are towing your vehicle since they have the understanding concerning the risks and hazards involved in towing a vehicle.
4) Towing Equipment is Inadequate. The use of premium equipment that has been designed for nothing else except towing vehicles are standard with towing companies. They also have years of experience and know-how to use it correctly in addition having the right equipment. Something could easily break and cause a serious and dangerous accident if you tow a large and heavy vehicle without the right tow equipment for instance.

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Ultimately, damage to your car and other property, as well as injuries to yourself and others are likely to occur when you attempt self-towing. For safe, and efficient towing services, call in the experts of Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance and let us assist you.

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