Risks Tow Truck Drivers Face in Arlington, TX; Other Motorists, Road Hazards, Weather, Delays & More

Generally, most people don’t think about others outside their social bubble. They will consider immediate family, often extended family, and close friends. Sometimes the acquaintances and colleagues might have a fleeting thought now and again, but few think about what goes on around them. Contacting a towing company, for example, starts with the initial phone call. From there, the dispatch will send out a specialist to offer the assistance you require. Once the expert arrives on the scene you explain the dilemma and they immediately spring into action. But once the tow truck driver has left, few consider the day the tow truck driver encounters. In an effort to spread awareness for safety and to give tow drivers more respect, we at Speedway Towing and Roadside Assistance would like to share some common challenges the tow truck driver faces regularly.

Tow Truck Driver Hazards

1) Unpredictable drivers. Loading the automobile that requires towing is one of the biggest safety concerns that tow truck driver’s face. There is always the chance of other drivers hitting the tow truck operator while they are doing their job and the busier the road the more likely it can happen. Reckless drivers are a nightmare for everyone making their commute. Not only is the worry of being hit while loading a disabled vehicle is always constant, but once they are on the way, these careless drivers can impede the tow truck driver’s progress.
2) Aggressive and hostile vehicle owners. The tow truck driver is often the door mat for disgruntled drivers who are dealing with mechanical issues or recently been in an accident. When dealing with the stress of the current situation, many consumers will lash out unfairly at the driver. But even more common is when a tow truck driver is commissioned to retrieve a repossessed vehicle. Whatever the surrounding circumstances, the tow truck driver is only doing their job and the hostile automobile owner will get verbally and even physically assaulted, despite having nothing more to do with repossession than simply retrieving the property.
3) Safety while navigating the roads. Most can agree that the tank, being the tow truck, is a larger mass than the average vehicle. The tow truck is strong, durable, and a solid force designed to take on the capacity of the weight of other vehicles. More often than not, these drivers are not only manipulating the bulky truck, but also towing another vehicle. Traversing the potholes, debris, unexpected detours, or darting animals is nothing to be taken lightly. The tow truck driver is on full alert the entire time and requires strong awareness on every road to keep a look out for any potential risk they may come across.
4) Imperfect weather conditions. The poor weather conditions on the commute for any driver are never enjoyable. That massive tow truck, often having an additional attached, on slick roads can even be more of a challenge. The bad weather is a common cause of a vehicle needing a tow, whether it was due to a collision or the vehicle experiencing mechanical or electrical failure. Just remember, the tow truck is traveling the same road as you and facing the same weather to reach you safely.

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Now that you have had a little introduction to the tow truck driver’s perspective, remember they are trying to do their job safely. Travel a safe distance behind them when you spot them on the road and avoid cutting them off, they can’t stop as quickly as an average vehicle on the road. If you find yourself in need of a tow or roadside assistance, call Speedway Towing and Roadside and let our experts help you with your needs!

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