Signs of a Bad Transmission in Highland Village, TX; Burnt Smells, Whining Noises & More

Most of the Fort Worth, Texas locals rely on their vehicles to get them about the town; to and from work, errands, picking up kids, and so on. For the most part, modern vehicles are fairly dependable machines and with proper maintenance and care, they can last. However, even with proper care and maintenance services, vehicles can wear down in between or unexpected issues can occur. When it comes to the transmission system, it is one of those issues that only continue to worsen and result in much costlier repairs as it dominoes into other areas of the engine. Today, we at Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance would like to share the signs the transmission is suffering.

Transmission Fluid Smells Like Burnt Rubber

It is never good to smell burning odors coming from the engine. A bad transmission is a very common source to burning smells. Transmission oil overheating can emit strange smell of chemicals and oil burning. If you smell any burning odors, contact your mechanic for assistance and instructions as soon as possible.

Grinding Gears Automatic & Manual Transmission

Whether you drive an automatic or a manual, the signs of transmission problems will differ depending on the type of transmission. In manual transmission, the symptoms usually consist of hearing gears grinding from s worn out clutch or one of the transmission’s synchronizers needs to be replaced. For automatic transmissions, a very noticeable pull during a change of gear follows the change in RPM.

Transmission Whine & Noise

The transmission issues do not always show symptoms while driving, as some can show up while the vehicle is in neutral and bumping sounds develop. Though usually a simple fix, it is likely a transmission fluid issue, but it can also be an indication of something more severe. Consult with a trusted mechanic to find the root of the problem and discuss repair options.

Check Engine Light

The dashboard lights, in most vehicles, alerts the driver there is a problem as well. As sophisticated machines, modern cars feature several computers that run sensors that monitor different mechanical components. A dedicated dashboard light indicating the problem is highly likely to inform you in the event there is trouble with your vehicle’s transmission. Be sure to not ignored these lights, or any other check engine lights, as they are designed to alert you early and help you avoid further damage and costlier repairs.

Transmission Fluid Leak

Should you notice transmission fluid stains on the pavement beneath your vehicle, there is likely a gap in your transmission system; these leaks frequently come from torque converter seals, fluid lines, and/or pan gasket. Keep in mind, greasy stains under the car are a different issue and any red or green fluid stains point a transmission fluid leak.
Abnormal Clunking Sounds. In the event you notice abnormal sounds as you change gear, chances are your transmission is starting to malfunction. A super red flag is hearing any clunking sound, requiring you should get your vehicle to the nearest mechanic in order to avoid further damage being done to your transmission system.

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