Summer Car AC Maintenance in Mesquite, TX; Check Serpentine Belt Wear, Inspect Coolant Levels & More

As each state gradually reopens, lives are returning to a bit of normalcy. As a result, people are returning to their job sites, visiting loved ones, and using their vehicles more regularly. With us firmly in summer and people relying on their vehicle’s air conditioner to remain comfortable during the hot summer months. With constant use of the air conditioner, there are many issues that can arise and a vehicle overheating is one of them. To help prevent the vehicle from breaking down due to air conditioner problems, we at Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance would like to share a few tips for maintaining the air conditioner.

Before turning on Car, Turn Off the A/C

To help increase the battery life, turn on your A/C after your car is already running. When the air conditioner is already running, the battery has to work harder to start your car. To help save on gas and battery power, turning off your A/C before starting you car will give your vehicle time to warm up. Faulty batteries cause a lot of vehicles to breakdown. To keep you safer on the road, taking preventative steps to help avoid a breakdown is most important.

Check Serpentine Belt Tension & Wear

The fan belt needs to be kept in good shape. A damaged fan belt, or one that has slipped out of place, can generate heat that counteracts the air conditioning unit. For the air conditioner, this heat will overheat the clutch. There are other components of your car that are affected by the fan belt, such as the power steering pump and the alternator. You increase your risks of not only being stranded, but also possibly getting in a wreck when any of these parts malfunction or become damaged. Be safe on the road and help keep other motorists safe as well by having your vehicle inspected routinely and also be sure they check the fan belt.

Inspect Coolant Levels

As what the name suggests, the coolant in your vehicle helps keep your car running by ensuring all the different parts are kept cool. Radiator damage can be the result when you continue to drive your car on low coolant. Battery issues can stem from improper cooling as well. Events can lead to engine failure from overheating that causes all of the components of your car to work that much harder. There is so much more the coolant helps with, however. With other services like an oil change, tire rotation, or general inspection, be sure to have your mechanic tops off these levels.

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