Tow Truck Service Companies Offer Car Lockouts & Other Roadside Assistance in Red Oak, TX

When we consider tow trucks, sometimes we have visions of the triangular gantry and hook. The hook and triangular boom is not used too much today with wheel lift and flat bed tows becoming the norm. But more and more towing is not the only service being offered by tow companies. Roadside service is becoming a major amenity accessible through tow companies.

Car Lockout Service

Ever been shopping and on returning to your car you see your keys dangling in the ignition with the doors locked? Many tow services are providing car lockout services. Equipped to open doors and defeat all known vehicle door anti theft devices, they open the door for you and you can fire-up and be on your journey home.

Tire Changes, Fuel Delivery, Jumpstarts & More

Tire changes, fuel delivery, battery terminal cleanup and a jump are all services to get you rolling. Some companies even offer belt and hose changes and carry water or water/glycol mixtures to top off that radiator. Wrecker services are also used when the vehicle just dies and all roadside efforts end in defeat or after and accident or major breakdown.

Winch Outs & Auto Recovery Services

Special circumstances call for special equipment or experience. A car over a steep embankment may be recovered better by a traditional tow truck verses a flatbed wrecker. A tow company must be equipped to handle recovery operations from over a cliff to vehicle immersion in lakes and rivers. Not only do they need to recover the vehicle but preserve evidence if there are criminal activities associated with the car.

Tow Truck Driver License

It takes a special driver’s license to operate a tow truck in many communities. Either a specialty towing license or commercial driver’s license is required in many jurisdictions. The company is usually bonded or insured, as towing can be a highly libelous occupation, standing between the car owner and the insurance companies.

Towing Services & Roadside Assistance in Irving, Fort Worth, Arlington, Carrollton & Plano Texas

One of the criteria needed to evaluate a company are reputation for honesty, quick response, reliability and expertise. You don’t want the bottom ripped from underneath your Beemer or Porsche. Large trucks and tractor-trailer rigs also have differing equipment and experience needs. Long distance truckers occasionally need the assistance of a wrecker when their equipment fails or breaks down. The modern tow company is therefore a primary service provider for stranded motorists or involvement in a traffic accident. Tow, wrecking and roadside assistance make towing companies a community asset. They are needed from small towns to large urbanized cities. Two-companies’ clear accidents, preserve evidence, clean up derelicts and provide helpful services to those stranded and out of fuel or in need of a tire change. Towing is a technology based service as the typical tow truck has evolved to handle a multitude of situations, from wilderness recovery of stolen vehicles to the clearing of accident related events. If you need a tow or roadside assistance, our professionals at Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance would be honored to be of service.

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