Towing & Roadside Assistance Service Options in Colleyville, TX; Competitor Restrictions & More

Roadside assistance and towing services can be pricey. Like any other businesses, tow companies are a business and must cover expenses and make a profit. If they don’t make a profit pretty good chance they won’t stay in business, nobody works to break even. However, there are ways to get some relief. Beware that many tow packages have limits and will cost you if tow mileage exceeds coverage.

Roadside Assistance from Automakers

New and used cars come with a warranty, some even include roadside assistance. Like most things the coverage varies, but most cover locked car entry, out of gas or need a tow. But there will most likely be restrictions. Tow to the nearest dealership or other restrictions. At you can review a list of car makers and it will list roadside assistance coverage.

Credit Card Road Side Assistance

Bank of America offers roadside assistance for free. Most likely there will be limits on the towing miles or some other exclusions. It is best to call before using their services. Most likely Bank of America is not exclusive some others may include roadside service as well.

Roadside Coverage from Auto Insurance Companies

Most insurance companies allow for tow and roadside coverage if your policy has both comprehensive and collision coverage. Of course, factors like where you live, type of car may influence the cost, it can run as little as $1.83 to about $4.00 per month for the coverage.

Cell Phone Roadside Assistance

Many of the cell phone companies offer towing (limited to distance), locksmith assistance, tire changes and gas service. $3.00-4.00 per month is the range for most companies.

Auto Club Road Side Assistance Memberships

Auto clubs are the traditional go-to for roadside and tow coverage. AAA is the most well-known and the granddaddy of all the auto clubs. AAA offers different packages Basic, AAA Plus and Premier packages.
Another is the Better World Club. There is Basic and Premium packages, cost varies with the car you drive. The Better World Club screams ‘green’ and even covers bicycles and offer discounts for hybrids, but if you drive a Hummer and other gas guzzlers it will cost more. Allstate offers their Good Hands Roadside Assistance, not really an auto club per say, but is available to anyone. No annual fees, you pay per use. Towing costs of $75 for the first 10 miles, $3 per additional mile, tire change $50.

Roadside Assistance Restrictions

You will have to do your homework for your circumstances and best fit. A lot is based where you live and what you drive. Though not free these services can soften the pocketbook hit to your finances in an emergency. The caveat is that most programs regardless of source come with restrictions. Some of the very cheapest cost wise are so restricted that they offer very little in real world conditions and are not the bargain they appear to be. Here what you need to know:
• Coverage, does it cover the car or driver. Car coverage protects the kids and spouse who may need the service. You’ll want car coverage to ensure everyone is covered that operates the vehicle.
• Other rides. Do you have coverage on a rental, or a borrowed friend’s vehicle?
• Are there sign up fees. Some charge an upfront sign-up fee.
• How many tows. That old beater pickup that you keep around for projects, may need more than one tow per annum. How many tows per year are you covered?
• Range-many services have restrictions on distance towed under coverage. Basic AAA plans have a 3-mile coverage. When was the last anyone broke down with three miles of home or your mechanic? You need to review the coverage to make sure your covered.

Towing Service, Roadside Assistance & More in Irving, Fort Worth, Arlington, Carrollton & Plano Texas

Tow and roadside service coverage use will depend on your vehicle. The older your vehicle the more likely you will need the coverage. Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance is the ideal company to call in a breakdown or other roadside emergency. Contact us whenever you are stranded and need prompt, professional roadside assistance!

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