What Happens if You Don’t Rotate Your Tires in Benbrook, TX; Importance of Tire Rotation

When you are an owner of a car or a truck you know that you need to do routine maintenance. You need to have the oil changed when necessary. You have to have the other fluids topped of and the tank full of gas. You also should have a manual in your vehicle that tells you when you should have other tune up and maintenance done. This is usually based on the amount of miles that you have driven of the amount of time since you had the car. One area of the vehicle that needs to have your care are the tires. They are an important part of the car and when they are damaged you will not be going anywhere in the car. Keeping the right amount of air in the tires is one that most people will notice and adjust when necessary. Another part of the tire that is just as important is the tread. You need to keep an eye on the tread and have your tires rotated and balanced on a regular basis as a way to maintain them.

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Meaning of Tread: When you look at the tire there are several parts you need to be aware of. One is the tread. The tread is the part that runs on the road and has a distinct pattern. Many tire experts can tell the size and manufacturer of the tire based on the design of the tread. You need to be careful about the level of tread that is on the tire. When it gets too low the tire is at risk of separation and will not hold the road as well as it is supposed to. If the tread is too low and you get a nail or screw in the tire, the repair shop will not do the repair.
Is Tire Rotation Necessary?: When you have tires on your car they are placed on each wheel and then reattached to the car. The tire then is used each time your car is in movement. The tire will start to wear down the more you use it. The issue comes when you leave each of the tires in the same position on the vehicle. Every car has a different alignment that tends to wear the tread down unevenly. When you go to have the tires rotated the shop will likely take the tires from the back and place them on the front. They should then take the front tires off and cross them over and place them on the back. They may need to move them directly back if the tires are directional and only are manufactured to fit on one side of the car. This will help to level off the wear of the tires and will help them last longer.
Wheel Balancing Procedure: Have you ever been driving down the freeway and noticed at a higher speed that there is a vibration? Then you are in need of a wheel balance. The tire shop will take the tire and wheel of the vehicle and run it through a diagnostic test. This will tell them where the imbalance is and allowed them to add a weight to the wheel directly. This will prevent the vibration and give you a much smoother overall ride.

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