What is the Greatest Cause of Summer Vehicle Breakdowns that Require a Tow in Colleyville, TX?

In the scorching months of July, August, and sometimes lingering into September, vehicles often succumb to breakdowns caused by engine, tire, or battery issues exacerbated by extreme temperatures. At Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance, we aim to shed light on the primary culprits behind summer car breakdowns.

Tire Blown Out

Throughout the summer months, tire blowouts are a common occurrence, often stemming from the expansion of tires as temperatures rise, causing increased pressure. Vigilance in monitoring tire pressure becomes paramount, especially during hotter periods, to mitigate the risk of blowouts. Overinflation due to heat-induced pressure spikes can lead to catastrophic failures, emphasizing the importance of regular checks. Prioritizing tire maintenance helps ensure safer travels and minimizes the likelihood of encountering potentially dangerous situations on the road.

Oil Issues

As summer approaches, it’s vital to pay attention to the engine’s oil, a critical component for smooth engine operation and preserving moving parts. Elevated temperatures cause the oil to lose viscosity, impairing its ability to lubricate essential engine components such as the camshaft, valves, piston assembly, and connecting rods. This can lead to accelerated wear and reduced efficiency, increasing the risk of breakdowns and expensive repairs. Regular maintenance, including oil checks and changes, is imperative to ensure optimal engine performance and prevent costly issues down the line.

Heat-Related Car Battery Drainage

Extreme temperatures, whether scorching summer heat or bitter winter cold, profoundly affect your vehicle battery. In summer, heightened temperatures cause the battery to expand, accelerating evaporation of its inner fluid, leading to faster depletion. While prevention may be challenging, a dead battery necessitates replacement. It’s crucial to monitor battery health and be prepared for potential replacements to ensure uninterrupted vehicle operation, especially during periods of extreme weather.

Overheating Engine

Vehicle overheating presents a concerning issue during travel, often indicated by telltale signs such as unusual engine odors, visible smoke, or steam emanating from the hood. Verifying overheating is as simple as checking the temperature gauge on your dashboard. If confirmed, swiftly disengage the air conditioning to alleviate strain on the engine, minimizing further harm. Before attempting to restart the vehicle, it’s advisable to replenish engine fluids. Alternatively, seek immediate assistance from a professional towing and roadside service provider to address the issue comprehensively and prevent potential complications. Prompt intervention ensures both safety and the longevity of your vehicle. Regular oil changes every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, as per your owner’s manual, are crucial to maintain optimal engine lubrication. Additionally, check the oil level biweekly to ensure it remains at an adequate level. Consider transitioning to synthetic oil, particularly for older vehicles, as it offers superior protection compared to conventional oil. Synthetic oil’s stability across temperature extremes is unmatched, resisting thickening in subzero conditions and avoiding thinning at high temperatures. This attribute ensures consistent engine performance and longevity, making synthetic oil a prudent choice for safeguarding your vehicle’s engine against wear and tear in diverse operating conditions.

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