What Tow Truck Drivers Want You to Know in Forest Hill, TX; Move Vehicle to Roadside & More

Tow truck experts are relatively busy day to day. There are some things they wish everyone knew as they provide services to the general public. Most customers are uncooperative and want immediate help, and most are often unaware of the towing industry’s challenges. Some important things everyone should know concerning towing are what we at Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance would like to share today with this in mind.

Move the Vehicle to the Roadside

Breakdowns begin in the middle of the road while driving your vehicle. Waiting in the middle of traffic is very dangerous. One thing that tow truck drivers want from you is to get out of your car and pull it to the side, even if there is a narrow shoulder.
It is challenging to get your vehicle out of such dangerous situations. To ensure they are seen by other drivers while trying to hook up your vehicle, tow trucks have to split their focus looking around their surroundings. When you do not get off to the side of the road, you and fellow motorist and tow truck drivers are a lot safer.

Get Accessible

If you have called and requested a tow, make sure that you are available for the calls. Concerning your specific location or to inform you about delays and other pertinent information, the tow truck may need to get a hold of you. To allow you to hear it ring if they call, be sure your cellphone is with you and that it is audible. When they ask about your location and other questions, keep your answers brief but detailed.

Importance of Tow Details

Being descriptive enough about their current location or their vehicle is a common mistake that many customers make. Your vehicle’s information, what problems are with your car, and your current location is usually what the towing experts want to know. If you don’t know what is wrong with your vehicle, tell them about any jitters, irregular patterns, or types of noises that are coming from your car. Note the exact road number or location. If in the event you don’t know about the location, look for landmarks or describe what is around you. Tell them your car’s model, make, number, and color to help them identify your vehicle properly. You can also use your GPS to share your exact location as well.

Exit Vehicle Safely

Many people have the habit of remaining in their vehicle while it is being towed. This is a dangerous and not recommended in terms of safety. Towing experts can say no when a customer asks about this. If there are people with you, you can ask the towing company to bring transportation for them.

Be Patient and Respectful

Tow truck drivers have duties all day long and work hard. Just like in any other profession, there will be good days and bad days. Commonly, there can be miscommunication, trouble finding your precise location, and they may even have a busy schedule to keep. They should be and are expected to be treated respectfully as they are simply doing their job. Wait for them to arrive at your location and be patient with your tow truck driver.

Avoid Touching Tow Truck

You or kids may be tempted to touch the levers, knobs, or hooks on the tow truck since sensory learning is how many people discover different things. It is critical to not touch anything unless the driver tells you to do so, however. As they are designed for specific functions, it can be dangerous to touch anything.

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