What’s Better for Towing Your Vehicle in Plano, TX? A Flatbed, Wheel Lift or Hook & Chain Tow Truck

Towing methods have changed over the years. Most tow companies transport rather than tow. The client’s vehicle is loaded onto a Flatbed Tow Truck and transported versus the traditional way of having at least two wheels on the ground and “pulling” the vehicle called Hook and Chain Towing. Then there is Wheel Lift Towing which is a kind of hybrid of the two. All have their advantages and some disadvantages as well. Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance delves into what towing method is best for each situation below.

Where Has the Car Broken Down?

In roadside break downs the flatbed method is the safest way to ensure no additional damage is experienced due to the transport methods. Usually the bed tilts and the vehicle is winched onto the bed of the truck and secured with tie downs, likely around the tire. Safe and efficient with little chance of tow damage. But if the vehicle left the road and is down an embankment the traditional tow truck is better for extricating the car or truck. Now, if the vehicle is in a confined place such as between two other cars, wheel lift is better suited.

Best Towing Methods for Front or Rear Two, Four or All Wheel Drive Vehicles

In accidents, the front suspension, bumpers and frame have been compromised, and the vehicle should be towed from the front, using the conventional tow. Road capable dollies can by placed to facilitate towing. Unless you remove the drive line, it is best not to tow a rear wheel drive vehicle on those rear tires. Automatic transmission has a hydraulic pump driven by the engine, if it isn’t running no lubrication is being delivered to the rear components. The rear wheels drive the drive shaft and spin the rear shafts perhaps causing further damage to the transmission. Manual transmission utilize splashing by the counter shaft for lubrication, usually in neutral this shaft doesn’t turn causing the bearings to run without the accustomed lubrication. So either the rear wheels need to dollied or tow with the front wheels on the ground. Of course, the opposite applies to front wheel drive vehicles. But most will be towed from the front, after all in most collision the major damage is to the front of the vehicle and rear wheels will roll with no problems. Dollies support the vehicle allowing roading without the towed vehicle tires from contacting the road when towed. Usually for liability purpose they are installed to prevent damage to various components of your car. If your car is totaled it doesn’t really matter. But in a ‘break down’ situation you will want to preserve the mechanical mechanisms of your ride as much as possible, so the flatbed tow is probably your primary choice.

Light, Medium & Heavy Duty Towing

As a matter of course, tow trucks come in varying sizes. If your motor home breaks down or is involved in an accident you need to inform the tow service of your vehicle’s size. There are trucks to tow semi-tractors, motors homes and all sorts of outsized vehicles. But the tow company needs to be informed of your needs. Not all tow companies have the means to tow outsized vehicles, and either will refer you to a company that does or sub-contracts large vehicle tow services.

Emergency Towing & Roadside Assistance Services in Irving, Fort Worth, Arlington, Carrollton & Plano Texas

If you regularly find yourself on the road, tow insurance is a good investment. Towing long distances can be pricey, a good addon to your insurance is a towing rider. It will make life easier both reducing stress to you and your account. Remember to always request Speedway Towing and Roadside Assistance after a car accident or breakdown!

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