Wheel Lift Towing Facts & Myths in Rowlett, TX; Is it as Secure as a Flatbed Tow Truck & More

Wheel lift towing is a widely used method for safely transporting vehicles in need of assistance. Despite its prevalence in the towing industry, there are several misconceptions surrounding this towing technique. Today, we at Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance would like to take the opportunity to debunk some of the most common misconceptions about wheel lift towing and shed light on the truth behind this efficient and reliable method.

Misconception 1: Wheel Lift Towing Causes Damage to Vehicles

One of the most prevailing myths about wheel lift towing is that it damages the towed vehicle. This misconception often arises from the assumption that the towing process puts excessive stress on the wheels and suspension. However, when performed correctly by a trained and experienced operator, wheel lift towing is designed to minimize any potential damage. Advanced wheel lift tow trucks come with features such as hydraulic lift systems and adjustable arms to ensure a secure and safe attachment to the vehicle’s wheels.

Misconception 2: Wheel Lift Towing is Only Suitable for Smaller Vehicles

Another common misconception is that wheel lift towing is only suitable for compact cars and smaller vehicles. In reality, modern wheel lift tow trucks are designed to accommodate a wide range of vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, light trucks, and even motorcycles. With adjustable arms and lifting capacities, professional towing services can handle different vehicle sizes and weights with ease.

Misconception 3: Wheel Lift Towing is Not as Secure as Flatbed Towing

Some individuals believe that wheel lift towing is less secure compared to flatbed towing. However, this is not accurate. Professional wheel lift towing operators undergo rigorous training to ensure they properly secure the vehicle to the tow truck. When done correctly, the vehicle’s wheels are firmly strapped to the lift arms, reducing the risk of slipping or accidents during transportation. Moreover, the low center of gravity in wheel lift towing provides added stability during transit.

Misconception 4: Wheel Lift Towing Takes Longer Than Flatbed Towing

Another misconception is that wheel lift towing is a time-consuming process. In truth, wheel lift towing can be quicker and more efficient in certain situations. Since the tow truck doesn’t require extensive loading and unloading procedures like a flatbed, it can be dispatched and connected to the vehicle swiftly. As a result, wheel lift towing is often the preferred choice for roadside assistance, especially in busy urban areas with limited space.

Misconception 5: Wheel Lift Towing Can Only Be Done from the Front

While some may believe that wheel lift towing can only be performed from the front of the vehicle, this is not the case. Wheel lift tow trucks can lift and transport vehicles from both the front and rear, depending on the specific situation and requirements. This flexibility allows for efficient towing operations regardless of the vehicle’s position.

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Ultimately, wheel lift towing is a reliable and safe method for transporting vehicles, and many of the misconceptions surrounding it are unfounded. When carried out by skilled professionals using well-maintained equipment, wheel lift towing is a practical and efficient solution for vehicle recovery and roadside assistance. It is essential to choose a reputable towing service with trained operators who can address any concerns and debunk the myths, ensuring a smooth and secure towing experience for your vehicle. No matter if you need flatbed towing or wheel lift towing services in Irving, TX and surrounding areas, Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance is readily available to provide quality towing services along with roadside assistance services.

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