When is it Too Windy to Drive in Benbrook, TX? Safety Tips for Driving in the Wind or Rain

With Summer time upon us, we can almost anticipate times of rain and heavy winds. Tis the season for summer storms! Now is a good time to check your tires to ensure they have a good tread depth, no balding and give them a good pressure check. Having your tires in good working order can make all the difference when the roads get soaked. When the rainy season first hits it is especially dangerous because all the oil that has been sitting on the street is now coming up with the rain making the roads slick. You will want tires that have good grip on them to avoid hydroplaning or skidding on the roadway. Have your brakes checked to be sure they are in good working order and if you haven’t replaced your windshield wipers this year it’s a good time to do so. Old or damaged wipers can malfunction or reduce visibility increasing your chances for an accident. Driving in inclement weather requires your undivided attention. Turn down your radio and don’t use your cell phone while driving. Reducing distractions and keeping your vehicle in good working order will greatly reduce your chances of getting into an automobile accident. Speedway Towing and Roadside Assistance would like to offer some helpful driving tips for those who can’t avoid driving in inclement weather.

When is it Too Windy to Drive a Car?

Generally, if you can’t keep your vehicle in the lane, find a place to pull over safely until the wind dies down. Following are additional safety tips.
1: Keep a firm grip on the steering wheel– Keep your hands placed steadily on positions 10 and 2. Meaning, if you imagine your steering wheel is a clock, your hands should be positioned at 10:00 and 2:00. High winds can push against your vehicle causing it to move in a direction you don’t want it to. Keeping both hands firmly on the wheel will give you maximum control while driving. This is especially important for anyone towing trailers and in lifted vehicles.
2: Anticipate strong gusts– If you are expecting the unexpected, chances are you will be more prepared to take on the inevitable. Always be ready for a strong gust to push against your vehicle and be ready to re-correct the direction your vehicle wants to go in.
3: Watch out for semi-trucks or larger vehicles– Have you ever been driving behind an 18-wheeler or a truck towing a trailer in strong winds, only to realize it is swaying from lane to lane? These drivers need plenty of space to navigate to their destination. Strong winds swoop under these trucks and move the trailers back and forth. Truck drivers are experienced and trained just for these instances, but mother nature has her own way of fighting back. Give these guys space and pass them only when it’s safe. A few extra minutes of patience can save lives!

Safety Tips for Driving in Heavy Rain

When driving in heavy rain, poor visibility is to be expected. You should expect the unexpected at all times and be ready to save yourself from hydroplaning. Hydroplaning occurs because your tires are driving on a layer of water instead of directly on the road, when you are going to fast, or turning too quickly your car will then slide because the tires lose their grip.
1: Turn your lights on– Not only will having your lights on improve visibility, it will help other drivers to see you! In fact, many states require you to drive with your lights on while it is raining now, even if it is daytime!
2: Give yourself more space between vehicles– When you follow another vehicle too closely, you can not see what is going on in front of them. It takes twice the distance for your vehicle to come to a stop when it is raining. If the vehicle in front of you comes to a sudden stop, you will not have ample time to stop resulting in a rear-end collision.
3: Take your time– Slow down and be a defensive driver! You never know what may happen when other people are driving. If they lose control you will want to have time to react to get out of the way!

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Speedway Towing and Roadside Assistance is here to help you this upcoming rainy season in the event a tow is needed. We wish you safe travels this Summer but contact us right away if you do break down, get in an accident or need to tow a vehicle safely!

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