Who Causes the Most Car Accidents & Crashes More? Do Male or Female, Young or Old Need a Tow More?

There is an ongoing debate about who the better drivers are. Do men drive better or is it the ladies? There are several categories of people that seem to get a bad rap on their driving skills. Someone that is not good at driving or they are not aware of their surroundings can cause accidents. When these accidents happen the aftermath for all involved can be difficult. The first step is to be sure that the people involved are okay and then to find out where you are taking your vehicle. The vehicles depending on the amount of damage will need to be towed away. Calling a tow truck driver but also letting them know the amount of damage will be a great way to start the repairs that may be needed for your car to be operable. There are several studies that show a comparison on the demographic happens to cause the majority of the accidents in the United States. Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance outlines who causes the majority of car accidents.

Male & Female Driving Statistics

This is one of the most disputed topics among couples. Which part happens to drive better or who is prone to cause more accidents. The answer may surprise you to know that men are worse off than women. The information can be skewed because men actually do more driving than woman giving them a greater chance for traffic infractions. Men are cited more often for traffic violations, car accidents and DUI’s. The male mind especially ones that are in their early 20’s are prone to having a more aggressive driving pattern. This can be a cause in the increase of the accidents that are caused between men and woman.

Teenage Drivers VS Older Drivers

No one wants to have the talk with grandpa about not being allowed to drive because of old age but what about the teenagers. They seem to zip around starting at a young age and no one really bats an eye. Well when it comes to which group is responsible for most accidents the older group is safer! The young teens are easily distracted which means that a friend in the car, music too loud or a cell phone are enough to pull their eyes off the road. The older drivers are still not off the hook but when it comes to comparison, the teens cause about 12% more than the other end of the age chart.

Bicycles VS Car Accident Statistics

It seems that there is always a push for people to watch out for and share the road with bicycles. They have the same responsibility to follow the laws of the road as we as a driver do. The bicyclists are involved in more accidents but they don’t always include a car. That is why they actually balance each other out and no one wins in this scenario.

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