Why is there a Towing Increase During Spring in Keller, TX? Cold Weather Damage to Car & More

It seems that every season is something that people are looking forward to. We want to have the change from a cold winter or end the sweltering summer. The great thing is that you can look forward to a new season and the spring is something that is welcomed by most. It is one of the seasons that bring on the warmer temperatures as well as welcome in new life. This is from flowers, trees, and shrubs to new bugs, birds and more. The spring is a time of year that feels more like a start than most. There are lots of changes that people tend to take a part in when the spring weather hits. One thing that happens to change is the amount of towing cases that tend to come in. You might be wondering why towing would be so prevalent during the spring weather but there are some really good reasons why. Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance outlines what causes more towing calls to come in during the spring season.

Cold Weather Damage to Car

The first thing that you might not consider is that the car or vehicle that you are using has just spent the last few months in the winter months. The winter is harsh for most people that is the same when it comes to your car or truck. The reason that this is important is that the car may have some issues that are not resolved from the winter. The car can have tire problems where the cold weather creates an issue with balance in the PSI. The air might be too low in your tires and that can create trouble when you are on the roads. Other parts on your car can be damaged from the winter weather such as the wires and the belts. When your vehicle is in not in the best shape and you go out it can lead to needing a tow truck.

Nice Weather-Related Car Accidents

The next thing you should consider is that the weather has changed and when it changes for the better it means that more people will start to come out. The warmer temperatures mean that more and more people are willing to come out and take a drive around and spend some time running errands that they may have put off. The more people that are on the road the more common it will be to come across an accident. This is another reason that people are in need of towing.

Spring Break Road Trip

Throughout the school year there are breaks here and there that give you some time off. The best break that you get comes in the spring and offers that kids, teachers and parents a two week break. The break is a great time for families to get out of the house and hit the road. The road trip is one of the most sought after events of spring break. This influx of people that might be on the road and partying means that there is an increase in potential issues that would require a tow truck.

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