Best Motor Oil for High Mileage Engines in Plano, TX; Conventional or Synthetic?

You probably paid a decent amount of money for your vehicle. After you spend all the money to purchase it, register and insure it, it may seem silly to not do what is necessary to keep it in good running condition. The vehicle will require regular maintenance from the use and everyday wear and tear. This can be anything from changing out the tires, repairing cracks in the windows and of course filling it with gas. There also are many fluids that are required to be in top shape and full in order for the vehicle to run at optimum levels. One of the fluids that needs to be changed out often and on a regular basis is the engine oil. Most cars have an owner’s manual that has the suggested mileage or time when to have it done. There is also a light on the dashboard that will alert you when the oil life is getting low. You can go to a shop to have your engine out drained and refilled but when you get there they are sure to ask you what type of oil you want. You might be thinking whatever kind your car takes right? Well there are several types of oil that can be used in your vehicle and knowing what they are will help you make the decision.

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Conventional Oil: If you want to go with the most common type of oil that most car dealers use when they fill your car then a standard conventional oil is it. This type of oil is usable in most cars and when you take it to a shop for an oil change they will use this oil if you do not specify any different. If you have a simple engine this is a great option and it happens to come in different grades that you can choose from. The other thing to consider is how you actually drive your vehicle. If you are a safe driver and you drive consistently on a regular basis this level of engine oil is a good option.
Fully Synthetic Oil: This is the type of oil that you would use on a high end vehicle or a vehicle that is over used. The great thing about this oil is that it is longer lasting and is tested to ensure that it offers the best quality for your engine. The cost is more if you choose to have this oil in your vehicle but many people feel that their car or truck runs better when this is used. Use caution when having your oil changed because there are some makes and models that require a fully synthetic oil be used.
Synthetic Blend Oil: Are you driving a larger truck or even a sports utility vehicle? If you are then you know that the heavy vehicle means that the engine often runs hotter than a small car. That is why a synthetic blend is a great choice. You are getting the advanced synthetic option but not paying the higher price.

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