Best Roadside Car Emergency Preparedness Kit in Addison, TX; First Aid, Water Bottles & More

When we travel, we may be subjected to various situations that can be detrimental to our comfort or health. Of course, our children and elderly family members are more vulnerable to the vicissitudes of climate, weather and traffic. High heat conditions during the summer can be alarmingly injurious. In high dense traffic it can be a while before help and arrive, or you may find yourself the unlucky one caught in traffic with a car full of kids and grandma. Traffic accidents can close down roads for hours, if you are two miles from the nearest off-ramp on a divided highway with no option of exiting or turning around.

Store Water Bottles in Car Trunk

Of the most important consideration is hydration. Not many of us carry water in our cars and trucks, but in the south and southwest water is a screaming necessity. Weather you’re an urbanite or cross-country gypsy you need to have some basic equipment to provide aid and comfort. Not all travelling emergencies are the result of destructive accident or break down. In the western regions forest fire has closed roads for days, during hurricane season you may find yourself high and dry but surrounded by flood waters.

72 Hour Emergency Preparedness Roadside Kit

A small kit can be put together for emergencies. A 72 hours emergency kit with water or other hydration product and some food like snakes or even a survival bar or two will aid in ensuring a at some essential level of comfort and well-being. A emergency and go from inconvenience to dire with little warning. You can purchase these kits ready made or put together one yourself. You need to provide enough to ensure survival for 72 hours for every occupant. A family of four should use that as a basis. If you carpool you need to provide enough for your traveling companions. Service for 4 should cover many situations.

Roadside Emergency Kit

A first aid kit should be in every vehicle. It is as important as your safety belt. With children you can address small injuries, minor burns and treat insect bites. A fire extinguisher, big enough to address engine fires and other small fires, most of which will involve electrical fire, oil or fuel fire. The federal government has a site for ‘reediness’ preparation ( with suggestions for not only for travelers but general disaster preparation. Those who had a 72 hour kit weathered the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, much better than those who never gave potential disaster a passing thought. Following are some items you should keep in your car emergency kit:
• Water, a gallon per person per day for at least three days, for drinking and sanitation.
• Food, three-day supply per person of non-perishable consumables.
• Battery or hand cranked radio and a NOAA Weather Radio with tone alert. Spare batteries.
• Flashlight
• First Aid Kit
• Whistle for signaling for help
• Dust mask to filter contaminated air. Plastic sheeting and duck tap for emergency shelter.
• Moist towelettes, trash bags and plastic ties for personal sanitation.
• For the car a basic tool kit for minor repairs. Vise Grips, pliers, ¼” drive hex screwdriver kit and an adjustable wrench.
• Manuel can opener, the old army issue P-38 works great, is small and cheap.
• Maps
• Cell phone with car chargers.
• Power module. Modern power modules based on lithium-ion technology can jump a car or it can power phones, tablets and laptops.
• Prescription and non-prescription drugs, pain, anti-diarrhea, antacids etc.
• Glass and contact lens solutions
• Infant formulas, bottle and diapers.
• Cash, credit cards or traveler’s checks.
• Sleeping bag or blanket.
• Water proofed matches or other fire starter.
• A good knife and a multi-tool.
• Jumper cables
• Flares (chemical or LED) or reflective triangle
• Ice Scraper
• Cat litter or sand for better tire traction.
• Keep you fuel tank full if you have use your vehicle for evacuation.
• Caution crossing water, 6 inches can kill your engine, a foot will float some cars.

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