What to Do After a Minor or Major Car Accident in Richardson, TX; Check Passengers for Injury & More

When you are in an accident it can become a rather stressful situation whether it be minor or severe. Many people may not know what to do other than call for help. However, there are a number of steps when you’re involved in a car accident. Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance will explain what you should do when you are in an accident and how the situation can vary.

Step 1. Check Passengers for Injury After a Car Accident

When you are first in an accident a lot might be going through your mind. First focus and check yourself and passengers for any injuries. When involved in an accident it is common to receive injuries such as whiplash, back pain and impact damage. Even a minor accident can cause neck injuries so make sure everyone in the vehicle is safe. If you or a passenger did get hurt past minor discomfort, call 9-1-1 immediately. If everyone inside your vehicle is okay, check the other vehicle or vehicles that were involved in the accident. In the State of Texas it is very common for more than two vehicles to be involved in one accident especially on our crowded freeways. If anyone else is injured be sure to call for help right away. After you have established that no one requires medical care, call law enforcement to take charge of the scene and file the report.

Step 2. Car Accident Information Exchange

While you wait for help, begin talking with the other drivers involved and exchange information. Make sure to get the other drivers insurance information, write down their insurance company, and their policy number. You will also want their driver’s license information. The key information you will want to write down is their name, driver license number and date of birth. When following up after an accident with your insurance company they will ask for these things. Lastly note in writing all of the vehicles that were involved in the accident. Record their license plates number. As an optional step you can even write down the vehicle’s make to help keep track of all vehicles easier.

Step 3. Take Pictures After a Car Accident

Next begin taking picture of the scene. Take a picture of all four sides of your vehicle and the other vehicles that were involved in the accident. Don’t neglect their license plates, make sure to also take a picture of all of the vehicle’s license plates to help prevent any mix up or confusion with the insurance company. Photos can help provide proof in the event there is a mix up with the insurance company and will aid the process.

Step 4. Car Accident Witness Statements

This next step isn’t always easy or possible. However, there are time witnesses to the accident will lend a hand and make sure everyone id okay after an accident. If you have some witnesses of the accident see if they would be willing to write a quick statement of what they saw and did. Additionally, see if they are willing to give you their name and phone number in the event you need them to give a report to the insurance company.

Step 5. Calling a Tow Truck Company

While the people are making their report and you are taking picture, seeking out witnesses, and exchanging insurance, your last step is contacting a towing service. You will want to have a few answers ready such as your location, where you want the vehicle towed and your vehicle make, model, and license plate number. When involved in an accident the towing company may ask the condition of the vehicle to know whether to send a flatbed tow truck or a wheel lift tow truck.

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When involved in an accident it can be stressful. However, follow these steps to ensure health and safety, make it easier dealing with the insurance company, and making sure your vehicle is taken care of. For all of your towing and roadside assistance needs, contact Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance today.

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