Can I Get My Car Towed if it has a Dead Battery, Faulty Ignition or Won’t Start for Another Reason in Forney, TX?

Like most machines, vehicles are unpredictable. Once day you are cruising around town, and the next, the vehicle is down without warning. The next course of action is diagnosis. In many cases, if the vehicle is incapable of moving, you need a tow to get it home or to your mechanics. Today, we at Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance would like to share the top common reasons your vehicle may not be operational.

Can You Tow a Car that Won’t Start or Doesn’t Run?

1) Ignition Coil Problems. The ignition itself could be responsible for your lack of car start. Allowing the engine to ignite, the ignition coil converts the battery power into an electrical spark. The engine won’t receive a spark powerful enough to start if this process is interrupted or if there is an issue with the coil. Our towing company will check the ignition coil using a multimeter to determine if a lackluster spark is the culprit. You’ll likely need an induction or ignition coil replacement if the spark proves to be weak.
2) Dead Car Battery. An incredibly common reasons why a car is left whirring in the parking lot is a dead car battery. Delivering electrical power to the lights, wipers, radio, and the ignition, the battery is the powerhouse of the car. It won’t bring this surge of electricity to the necessary parts to start your car when the battery doesn’t have enough power. There a few likely reasons the battery is struggling, and they include:
– The life of your battery is up.
– Extreme temperatures exposure.
– While the car is off, electricity is draining.
– For extended periods of time, the vehicle is left parked.
– While the car was turned off, the headlights or interior light were left on.
– Loose wiring.
– The battery terminals on your automobile have corroded.
– Due to internal moisture and heat exposure, there is poor conductivity.
3) Faulty Ignition Switch. It may be an issue with your car’s ignition switch. Try turning on your car’s headlights to determine if it’s the battery or the switch. This could be a sign of a faulty ignition switch if they turn on.
3) Fuel Filter is Blocked. Fuel filters are responsible for transferring clean, filtered fuel to your car’s engine. Gasoline won’t be able to reach the engine without the fuel filter, preventing your car from starting efficiently. It is recommended you switch out your fuel filters every 15,000 to 20,000 kilometers to keep your gasoline flowing.
5) Failing Fuel Pump. The fuel pump’s ability to burn gas is relied upon with a crucial part of the combustion process. Through the fuel rail, to the injectors, where it’s sprayed into the engine’s individual cylinder combustion chambers, this pump sends fuel from the gas tank. To help your vehicle start, the fuel pump transfers fuel to the engine. You may be left with a dead car without this system in place.

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Though some of these issues can potentially be resolved with a quick fix from roadside assistance services, many of them require a tow to your mechanic’s shop. When you need a tow and roadside assistance in the Greater Irving, TX area, call Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance and let help you!

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