Car Stuck in Mud or Sand Recovery & How to Avoid Getting Vehicle Stuck in McKinney, TX

In Texas we have soft dirt, sand, and mud where many may find their vehicle stuck and can’t get out. When you’re stuck or trapped in sand, soft dirt, or in the mud and you have dug your vehicle deep into the ground, you often need help getting out. When you are up to your hubcaps in dirt or mud, you can always call for winch out services from your local towing company. Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance would like to share a few simple tips on how to avoid getting trapped in the sand or mud.

Tips for How to Avoid Getting Stuck in Mud

1. Inspect Terrain Before Driving On It
Before driving across questionable terrain, stop on solid ground. Get out of your vehicle and do a physical inspection of the terrain. You will want to look for the harder ground to drive over. Avoid soft sand or dirt more than three inches deep or deep muddy areas. If possible avoid soft or muddy terrain and choose a better route.
2. Drive Straight
If driving through soft sand, dirt, or mud, drive the vehicle in a straight line. As you make turns or curves in the unstable terrain, you increase your chance of getting stuck. Map out a route with straight lines or paths to prevent digging into the ground. If possible see if another vehicle went before and follow their ruts it should be compacted and give you a safer path to follow. Hopefully they followed the straight line rule too.
3. Keep Momentum when Driving on Sand or Mud
When you are driving through softer ground or even mud, never stop the vehicle. When you stop and go, again you will dig your tires into the ground. Instead, maintain a slow and steady speed. Don’t go too fast. This will help ensure safety. Additionally, you don’t want to go too fast or the tires spin faster which can cause the vehicle getting stuck in the ground. Again stay in a straight line with a moderate speed and don’t stop until you get to a solid surface such as concrete.
4. Deflate Tires
If you know you will be in soft sand, dirt, or going to be driving through mud you can deflate your tires slightly. When you deflate your tires it provides a better contact surface for the tires and they are less likely to dig into the soft or wet ground. Deflate the tires until the tire pancakes out slightly before driving through wet or soft ground. However for safety and the health of the tire, do not forget to re-inflate the tire as soon as possible.
5. Don’t Brake
When driving through mud or sand avoid using the brake to slow down your vehicle. Instead release the brake to slow down, again avoid stopping completely. However, if you use the brake to slow down, it creates ruts and is the start of digging the tire into the ground. Make sure to keep space between you and other vehicle’s if present and slow down by releasing the brake. When speeding back up, slowly engage the gas. Do not accelerate quickly.

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Follow these tips when driving in the mud or on soft ground to prevent yourself from getting stuck in the mud or sand. If you find yourself stuck in the mud or sand call Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance. We provide winch out services and can help get you out and on your way. For towing and roadside assistance, contact Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance today.

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