Common Summer Season Breakdowns in Anna, TX; Car Overheating, Battery Drain, Tire Blowout & More

During the mid-summer season, many drivers will experience an unexpected breakdown. Here in Texas, our summer heat can lead to a number of vehicle failures that can result in the need for a towing or roadside assistance services. Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance will share some of the common summer breakdown issues and when you will need a towing or roadside assistance service.

Car Overheating

A vehicle will often overheat during the hot summer months. However, it is not the summer heat that will cause the overheating but it more or less contributes to another problem. When a vehicle begins to overheat, you will often get a weird smell coming from the engine. Over course of time, the temperature gauge will also be in the red. Overheating can cause major stress to a vehicle and even permanent damage. If overheating occurs sometimes it’s because the coolant is too low due to a leak. When your vehicle is overheating, pull off somewhere safe and check the coolant level. If it is low, contact roadside assistance services for help.

Tire Blowout

Tire blowouts is another all too common type of summer season breakdown. The heat can cause the tires to blow unexpectedly. When the tires get hot due to the hot roads the air pressure in the tire can expand causing friction and eventually the tire will blow out. To avoid a tire blowout, check the tire pressure and make sure the pressure isn’t too high. You can release the air pressure if needed. If you do have an unexpected blowout and need help changing out the tire, again roadside assistance services can help.

Car Battery Drain

Being stranded due to a dead battery can be very stressful. When the battery is dies suddenly, this can be due to the heat. During the extreme heat of the summer months, the vehicle’s battery can expand causing the inner fluids to evaporate. Most battery failures occur in older batteries. In Texas, most batteries will last about two to three years. Again, batteries are more prone to sudden drainage during the summer season. To help prevent this problem, stay on top of your battery replacements. If your battery fails, a roadside assistance service can come and provide you with a jump start. It is recommended to immediately seek a battery replacement soon thereafter.

Cracked Engine Block

Another common cause for a summer breakdown is when a cracked engine block occurs. A cracked engine block is, in most cases, due to overheating. When a vehicle overheats, the engine head block can crack. Once this occurs, smoke will begin to come out from underneath the hood. When the engine block cracks the engine will not be able to run and essentially, the engine is toasted. When the engine block cracks you will need to seek a towing service to take the vehicle either to your mechanic or to your home. The engine will require repair or even replacement.

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