How Long Can You Drive with Bad Rotors in Azle, TX; Brakes Make Loud Grinding Noise, Vibration & Other Signs

Driving with bad brakes can be a risk to not only you, but everyone on our Irving, TX roads. The brake system includes the rotors which play a primary role. Brakes are the core of stopping the vehicle. Since they are designed to wear, driving on broken down rotors can be dangerous and to avoid these risks, we at Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance would like to share some red flags of bad rotors.

Brakes Making Loud Grinding, Squealing or Scraping Noise

The most obvious symptom of bad rotors is the grinding, loud sound coming from the brakes. Causing them to deform, they produce a distinct squealing sound every time you press on the brakes from the excessive wear on the rotors. Should you hear a high-pitched sound, you are probably dealing with warped rotors or worn-out brake pads. As another indication the rotors are in poor conditioner, you may hear a scraping sound as well.

Vibration when Braking at High Speeds

Due to rotor damage, feeling an unusual vibration is a strong indicator as the brake pedal is pressed. You will notice either in the pedal or through the steering wheel as wear and tear kicks in as the rotors will start to deform and cause a vibration.

Longer Vehicle Stopping Distance

It is the increased braking distance among the most common and dangerous warped rotor symptoms. From damaged rotors that are unable to interact with the brake pads, the brakes performance is affected. New brake pads will wear out quicker they are paired with bad rotors as well.

Grooves in Brake Rotors

Grooves or score marks on the rotor can occur naturally when they are used for an extended period of time. Though they are not easy to spot as some of the other symptoms on this list, you probably notice them if you take a closer look at the face of the rotor. These grooves can greatly impact the stopping power of your brakes when pressing the brake paddle in addition to potentially causing vibration that can be noticed.

Concerns with Bad Rotors

Rotors are relied on extremely to absorb and disperse as much heat as they can. Over time and use, they will become thinner and lose that mass. Causing the braking system to overheat when this happens, the rotors lose their ability to absorb heat as it leads to breaking performance and extending the braking distance to significantly reduce. When you drive with bad rotors, brake pads will wear much faster in addition to putting you and other drivers in grave danger. To replace worn-out rotors, the bigger your bill will be the longer you wait. Before leaving your driveway now that you can recognize a few signs of bad rotors, you should make sure to inspect them thoroughly. In case your brakes start failing on you while driving, try to utilize engine braking in order to stop your vehicle.

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