Does Fix A Flat Ruin Tires in Garland, TX? May Ruin Valve Stem & TPMS Sensor, Hard to Clean Out of a Tire & More

Most people are looking for a quick and easy way to make repairs. When it comes to your car no one wants to have to deal with a problem that might leave you stranded on the side of the road. One of the most common reasons that someone is stuck on the road and not able to use their vehicle is that they have a flat tire. It can be that the tire has just gone bad and has damage that is not able to be fixed. The more common reason that someone has a flat is that you have driven over something that has punctured the tire and has allowed the air to be released. The tire has to be inflated for the car to ride along down the road. If you try to drive your car on a flat tire it can cause severe damage to the tire itself so that it cannot be repaired or it can even end up bending your rim. When this occurs you will need to replace them and that can be costly. One option that people think to use is a product called fix a flat. The quick fix that it offers comes with cons that you will want to avoid. Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance outlines why you should avoid using fix a flat.

What is Fix A Flat?

If you have a tire that has low air or is flat there is something called fix a flat that can be used. The aerosol can is used to fill the tire with a sticky and slimy substance that should get into the puncture and allow you to fill the tire with air. The reason that people might think to use it is that they think a patch repair will cost too much. They also might not have a spare to put on the car or they don’t want to call for a tow truck. Once you see the reasons that you should avoid fix a flat you will think twice about your other options.

Fix A Flat May Ruin Your Valve Stem & TPMS Sensor

If you have a car that is manufactured in the last 10 years or so, then you want to stay away from fix a flat. The car has been outfitted with a TPMS that measures the tire pressure and is a gauge. When you use fix a flat the coating that comes out will cost the sensor and that will then cause them not to be able to work. There are lots of time that they cannot be repaired and will have to be replaced instead.

Fix A Flat is Hard to Clean Out of a Tire

Once you use fix a flat you have the gooey sealant that has been injected into your tire. At some point the fix a flat will fail and you still have to go have the tire repaired professionally. The problem is that the repair shop has to try and remove the tire and clean out all the sealant that you sprayed in. This is a large process and tends to be a huge mess. You may be required to purchase a new tire instead of having that one patched. It is best to have your car towed or a spare put on.

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