Maintenance Checks to Prevent Breakdowns in Grand Prairie, TX; Car Fluid Check, Tire Pressure & Wear Inspection & More

Breaking down due to a flat tire, overheating, or low fluids can be a bad experience that could have been avoided. Even some of the best roadside assistance or towing services can still make for a bad day. Being without a vehicle can cause major problems getting to work, the grocery store, or picking up your kids. Some breakdowns just cannot be avoided. However, many of them can be prevented with basic maintenance checks. Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance will share some of the top basic maintenance checks you should perform once a month to prevent a major breakdown from happening to you.

Car Fluid Check

Checking your vehicle’s fluids is very simple and topping off low fluid can go a very long way. There are a number of fluids used inside a vehicle to make sure it performs properly. Some fluids that should be checked monthly, or at very least every three months, are motor oil, power steering fluid, transmission oil, and the coolants. You will also want to monitor your window washer fluid to ensure your view is never obstructed and windows can be quickly cleaned. No, window washer fluid won’t cause a breakdown, but while you’re checking the essential fluids, you might just as well check it. The motor oil, coolant and power steering is essential and having these fluids at low levels can cause a breakdown. Make sure that your vehicle’s oil gets changed on time and then top off the oil as need. Other fluids can run out very fast, but if they are too low, this is a sign there is a leak.

Inspect Tire Pressure, Wear & Condition

The tires are another essential maintenance item that should be done often. It is important to check tire pressure as well as the tire’s condition. You will want to know your tire pressure settings. Check the pressure and refill the air as needed. It is recommended to check tire pressure at least once a month. If the pressure drops a lot within a month, you may have a slow tire leak. However, it is normal for tires to drop a pound or two within a month. While checking the tire pressure, check to see if the tires are balding. When tires become bald, they lose traction on the road and are prone to blow outs or flats. When tires begin to look bald, have them checked and replaced if needed.

Keep Car Battery Terminals Clean

Another aspect of your vehicle that you should inspect is the battery. On average a battery can last between two and five years depending on its quality. Even though they are designed to last for a few years the terminals can get corroded. When terminals become corroded the vehicle can have a hard time starting as if the battery was dying. You may need to clean your terminals periodically to avoid not being able to start your vehicle. When you have a hard time starting your vehicle try cleaning your battery’s terminals. If the vehicle still won’t start then have the battery checked and replaced if needed.

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Do these basic maintenance checks to make sure you avoid break downs. If you find yourself broken down and needing towing or roadside assistance services, contact Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance today.

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