Effect of Hot Summer Air Temperatures on Cars & Engine Performance in Arlington, TX

It is no secret the summer’s heat can impact many elements in day to day life. The intense rays, rise in temperatures, and long hours can cause health risks and damage to our possessions. Our vehicles in particular can take a beating in the summer heat. With that in mind, we at Speedway Towing and Roadside Assistance would like to share some of the common issues vehicles experience in the heat.

Effect of Hot Summer Air Temperatures on Cars & Other Vehicles

Jumper Cables for Car Battery: Hot weather has the potential to shorten the batteries lifespan. With the additional road trips during the summers that increase the vibrations that contribute to damage, the heat can cause temporary or permanent faults. Keep a set of jumper cables or even a battery jump box in the event your battery falls short. Periodically inspect the vehicle’s battery terminals for corrosion and ensure the battery is securely mounted.
Top Off Coolant: The antifreeze doubles as coolant, and when the coolant levels are low, the engine suffers. Worn hoses and damaged radiators are possible with the warmer temperatures increasing the engine heat. Check on these conditions and ensure the coolant levels are adequate to keep the engine from overheating.
Change Oil: With the scorching summer heat contributing to heating the engine, lube is essential. Getting your oil changed on a regularly bases is especially prudent during the summer and investing in the thicker oil for the summer is optimal. More frequent oil changes may be required with the extra miles many people put on their vehicles during summer road trips.
Check Levels of Other Fluids: Oil and coolant aren’t the only fluids that need to be checked to help keep your vehicle operating at peak efficiency during the summer. Your transmission fluid and power steering fluid should also be checked at proper intervals to make sure those systems work correctly. Also, believe it or not, gas evaporates more quickly from a hot car than a cold one, directly from the tank. Keeping your vehicle in the garage and parking in the shade when possible can actually prevent some of this natural evaporation, increasing your fuel economy.
Inflate Tires Properly: The summer months are particularly brutal on tires. Checking the tire pressure routinely is important. The tires that are improperly inflated can put your vehicle’s risk of catastrophic failure at an even greater risk than blowouts as the hot tires operating on the hot pavement are especially hazardous. Inspect the tires once a month and replace if them if they look warn to avoid problems.
Other Considerations: Wiper blades on your windshield in high heat are susceptible to melting. Use your wipers with a wipe-wash cycle ever few days to prevent the melting. Inspect your air conditioning and have serviced at the beginning of the warm season. The cabin air filters needs replacing from time to time in order to improve cooling and prolong the life of your A/C system. Invest in an expensive sun shade to help protect the interior of your vehicle from sun damage.

Emergency DIY Car Kit List

To better protect yourself during the summer months, prepare a summer kit you keep in the car in the event you experience vehicle malfunction. The items in your kit should include the following:
– Basic Tool Kit
– Cell Phone Charger
– Duct Tape
– Emergency Blanket – It can also double as shade.
– First Aid Kit
– Flashlight or Headlamp
– Hazard Signs and Flares
– Jumper Cables
– Non-Perishable Snacks
– Pocket Knife and Multi-Tool
– Replacement Fuses
– Shop/Paper Towels
– Sunscreen
– Tire Sealant
– Tow Strap Duct Tape
– Water (1 gallon per person that frequents you vehicle or at minimum 2 gallons)
– Work Gloves

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