How are Thieves Unlocking Cars in Balch Springs, TX; Signal Amplification Relay Attack, Keyless Entry Rolljam Device & More

When you own a car you know you have to know how to drive and what the laws are. You also know you should maintain the car properly so that it runs well and gets you where you need to be. You also want to have a plan on what you need to do to get help if your car has become damaged or if the car is broken on the side of the road. The care of your vehicle is important and that is why most people do what they can to care for it. This also means to lock the car at night so that it is safe from someone gaining access. The problem is that even if your car has been locked someone could still gain access to your car. The Best thing you can do is to secure your vehicle in a locked garage as well. You also want to make sure that you lock the car even if it is in the garage. You also want to make sure that you keep the keys in the house in a location that is not easily accessible to someone that gets in the house. If you have to keep your car outside the garage a thief can still gain access to it. Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance outlines how a thief can gain access to your car even when it is locked.

Forced Car Break In

One of the things that you may come out to find is that a thief has gained access to your car by breaking in. The term break in is because someone has used force to gain access to a car or dwelling. They may have chosen to break a window or door to get in the car and ransack the space. They may even choose to steal the car and leave with it. This means that you are stranded and left without a car. If the car is damaged such as a window you will have to have it repaired so that you can safely operate it.

Signal Amplification Relay Attack

It seems that more and more criminals have ways to get in cars without having to break anything at all. You come out to find that they door has been opened but you cannot see any damage at all. You might be racking your brain to remember locking it but they have gained access another way. There are some criminals that have access to the signal that your car uses to tell that a key has been placed close enough to the car. This will then open the door for them. They have a way to relay the signal to the car and open it up so they can get inside.

Keyless Entry Rolljam Device

If a would be thief is bound to getting access to a car they have a way that they can ensure that you are not able to lock the car at all. The car has to be locked with your keyfob as you exit the car. When you hit the button the door will lock. The way that they ensure you are not able to do that is to use a jamming technique. They jam the signal so that you think you locked the car but in fact they have blocked it all together.

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