How Do I Prepare My Car for Towing in Lewisville, TX? Put in Park or Neutral, Remove Key & More

There is a first time for everything, and having your vehicle towed is no exception. you should know what to do to get out of the situation unharmed if you are unfortunate enough to be driving down the street and see your engine smoking or flames coming out of the hood. Today, we at Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance would like to share tips on prepping the vehicle for a tow.

Ensure Vehicle is Ready to Be Towed

You need to make sure that everything will go as planned if you are going to have your car towed. If the vehicle is parked somewhere and you want it towed to a mechanic for example, make sure the tires are not flat to make the process

Put Automobile in Park or Neutral Gear

Make sure your car is in park or neutral gear if you have a manual transmission vehicle. You want to find somebody else to help you do this before the tow truck arrives if some vehicles also need to be pushed back. Turn on the emergency brake and make sure that the tires are pressed firmly against the curb if you have an automatic transmission. Unless you don’t mind spending extra money on battery power during transport, you should also turn off your headlights.

Remove Key from Ignition

Turn off your engine and remove the key from the ignition as soon as you see the tow vehicle. Because it is considered a crime in some places to have people inside when someone is hooking cables up, ensure that all passengers are out of the vehicle before the towing begins. It can also result in serious injury.

Close All Windows & Turn Off Accessories

Turn off all accessories such as the radio and brake lights and closing all windows to protect your vehicle’s electrical system. Especially if you are not planning to do any repairs, you don’t want any damage done to these things in transit because it can be costly.

Note Weather & Road Conditions

You might want to consider moving your car off of a busy street as soon as possible if it is raining or snowing. Such weather attracts accidents can leave your vehicle on the road puts in a sure collision course.

Ensure Vehicle is in Safe Location

It’s essential to park your vehicle somewhere where there aren’t any obstacles if you are considering calling a towing service. This not only means away from other vehicles but also trees or buildings, this allows allow easier and safer access to your towing provider. Ensure that it’s parked somewhere away from traffic and busy intersections if you need to move your car in the meantime.

Take Photos for Insurance Purposes

Before having your vehicle towed so you can document everything about its appearance when it’s not working, give yourself some peace of mind by taking photos or vide. To help you out in case of any theft or vandalism during transport, which is very common, unfortunately, you can then give these photos or videos to your insurance provider.

Remove Valuables from Vehicle

To prevent any theft cases, it’s good idea to remove all your valuables when someone moves your vehicle. Try to keep everything hidden from plain sight if you can’t take these things with you. Because thieves will take advantage of the opportunity when it arises, you can keep anything of value locked up in the trunk before transporting.

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