How Does a Wheel Lift & Flatbed Tow Truck Work in Addison, TX? Tow Bar Bracket Connection & More

Many people are curious about towing, especially when they need a towing service. As towing services are very beneficial when they are needed, they are readily available throughout the community. Today, we at Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance would like to share the basic principles of a tow.

Tow Bar Bracket System Connection

Most modern tow trucks use a bracket system for easy towing. A large steel frame that is on the back of a tow truck is used to support the vehicle that the truck is towing. Because it requires little manual work from the driver while also only touching the wheels of the car being towed, this method is seen as the safest way. For both the front and rear wheels of a car, bracket system tow trucks can be used. The owner of the car being towed can be sure that their car will not be damaged with the use of hooks or chains since this method of towing is seen as the quickest and most efficient.

Vehicle Being Towed is Secured to Tow Truck

The wheels of the car are fitted between the steel beams and then secured in place with solid steel pins with a bracket system. Altogether known as the yolk, it works is with the use of machinery that lowers and raises the steel beams. The car is positioned in place for the yolk to be lowered. Pins are put through the wheels to keep the car in place as the car is maneuvered into the yolk evenly. It is ready to be towed once the car is secured to the yolk with the steel pins.

Fast & Efficient Wheel Lift Towing

Being imperative to keeping tow truck drivers safe is the efficiency and quickness. The only manual labor required is the act of fitting the pins properly through the yolk and the wheels in the tow truck driver’s case. All of the lowering and lifting of the yolk is taken care of mechanically, other than that. For the tow truck driver, this also proves safer. An experienced tow truck driver can cover this whole process in under a minute at the same time. Finding the right spot to manually connect chains or hooks to the bottom of the car can be a grueling process with other methods of towing.

Towing with Chain & Hook

Depending on the owner of the tow truck company, what type of tow truck is dictated and not all tow trucks use a bracket system. Simply the most modern types of tow trucks are bracket system tow trucks that use a yolk and pins for towing. Tow trucks are still used today and work just as well. Similarly, to that of a bracket system tow truck, a tow truck that uses a hook and chain works. The truck uses a strong hook that attaches to the underside of the car, rather than a mechanical steel fixture lifting the car. To secure connection to the tow truck, it also might require a few extra chains.

Towing with a Flatbed Tow Truck

A flatbed truck is another type of tow truck. It just works a different way as its primary function is the same as any other tow truck. The car needing a tow is then maneuvered onto the bed after a flatbed tow truck uses a mechanical system to angle its bed like a ramp. Fastened with chains running through them that attach to the flatbed are the vehicle’s wheels. The vehicle is ready to be towed once the flatbed is mechanically lower back down to a flat state. Being that they might be able to tow more than just a car is a plus side to the flatbed tow trucks. They can tow construction machines, motorcycles, and many other vehicles.

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