How Long Does it Usually Take for a Tow Truck Recovery to Come when Stuck Off Road in Mineral Wells, TX

You’re probably pretty comfortable with vehicles whether it be on ATVs, dirt bikes or trucks if you like to go off roading. When off roading vehicles get stuck, many seasoned enthusiasts would like to think they can handle their own recovery. Off road towing is not as simple as one might think unfortunately. Today, we at Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance would like to discuss off roading versus conventional towing.

How Long Does it Usually Take for a Tow Truck to Come when Stuck Off Road?

The natural inclination is to keep revving the engine and trying different techniques to escape when you get stuck in the mud off roading. This usually just gets your vehicle more stuck and covered in mud, unfortunately. It’s best to call for off road towing company immediately rather than spending an hour trying to take care of things by yourself. Depending on how far off the beaten path you are, even most proactive, fast acting towing service can be a long wait. Considering some of the dangers that come with an off-road locale, attempting a DIY tow can be especially problematic.

Needed Off Road Equipment for Recovery

It is a bad idea to attempt to tow your vehicle off road without the right equipment. You may make the problem worse without the right tow truck, hitches and tow points required for off road towing. You can easily get the second vehicle stuck or cause damage to both. Make certain you hire a professional towing company that handles off-roading towing services.

Off-Road Recovery Methods

In addition to having the right equipment, you want a professional that has the experience. For off roading towing, there are driving techniques needed. Drivers must be highly aware of their speed and slowing down puts less stress on vehicles. If your vehicle got damaged off roading, speeding will only cause more. When you are off road, there is also the greater risk that rocks, or debris will fly off the tires and cause damage. During off road applications, the tow truck driver must have experience. While turning a corner so neither vehicle loses traction or flips, they need to know how to slow down and accelerate at the right moment.

Towing Recovery Straps to Pull Out Stuck Vehicles

While towing a vehicle, there are many off road towing applications where the tow truck needs to cross water. You need to look out for large debris, rocks, current and other potential danger in the waterway as the driver needs to know which water crossings are safe to traverse. To keep both the tow truck and your vehicle being towed safe, they must also know how to approach the water at the correct speed and angle. Both vehicles could end up in danger if they aren’t experienced in this type of maneuver.

Towing & Roadside Assistance in Irving, Fort Worth, Arlington, Carrollton & Plano Texas

Be certain to have the phone number of an off-road towing service ready for a worst-case scenario before you go out on your next off-road adventure. For whenever you find yourself stuck in a bad situation, call Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance services. We can help you in the Greater Irving, TX area no matter the circumstances.

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