What Should I Know Before Getting Towed in Murphy, TX? Prepare for Towing, Contact Professionals & More

Life’s inconvenient events is something most prefer to avoid, but unfortunately, they still happen. It can be especially stressful and unpleasant especially when the unfamiliar occurs. Among them is having your vehicle towed. Usually because it was involved in an accident or it is experiencing mechanical failure is when your car is being towed, generally. Playing phonebook roulette is how people get their vehicle towed and all they can do is hope that when the driver arrives, they know what they are doing and their tow truck is well maintained of good quality, in a manner of speaking. We at Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance would like to relate some tips on how you can better prepare for a tow in Greater Irving, Texas to reduce the stress, and make the experience a lot less painful.

Prepare for Towing in Advance

Prior to ever needing a towing and recovery services, take the time to research towing companies that are certified, licensed, and insured to provide towing services. Know general pricing, and read reviews, and specifically learn their availability, especially if they have 24-hour service. Call the few best candidates and talk with them about other policies and see if they are right fit for you as you narrow down your choices. Put their contact information in your cell phone to reach them quickly and conveniently once you select the right towing company.

Safety First when Towing

Keeping you and your passengers safe is the top priority, no matter if the reason for a tow the situation is stemming from of an accident or a breakdown. The vehicle should be moved as far from the road as possible, if you can. Promptly exit the automobile and have you and the passengers move safely as far from the vehicle and traffic as possible to prevent further complications with oncoming traffic.

Contact Towing Professionals

You have quick access to the dispatcher by having the preferred towing company in your list of contact. In addition to the other important information requested, always stay calm and collected and relate the details of your location and the facts of the circumstances. In order for them to come to your location as prepared for your circumstances and accommodate our specific needs, make sure to share accurate information.

Verify Tow Charges, Fees & Payment Options

You likely learned what service charges and the payment methods are when you did your planning, as mentioned. Confirm the service charge and payment options to eliminate any surprises after you have requested assistance. You do not want to be cut off guard, as prices and procedures change.

Make Towing Details

The tow truck driver will simply take your vehicle and you to their lot for further dispatch to repair facilities, more often than not, after you have had a chance to determine the step. If you already have mechanic or other options in mind, the towing service could be cheaper for you to take it straight to the repair location.

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