How to Jumpstart Your Car in Arlington, TX; Connecting Jumper Cables & More

Have you ever gone out to your car only to try and start it and nothing? That has happened to us all and many times it is because we forget to shut off the interior lights or the headlights. These can happen to anyone and you need to know what is needed to jumpstart the car. When your car won’t start it can be many things but the first thing to check is if the battery is dead. If you know that the battery is the culprit then you may need to do what is called a jumpstart. It is a process that needs to be done correctly otherwise you can cause damage to the vehicle or even yourself. The steps that you need to take are important to know for anyone that has a driver’s license.

Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance Lists the Steps Needed to Get Your Car Jumpstarted

Tools Needed for a Jumpstart: When you set out to jumpstart a car you don’t actually need too many tools. You will need to have access to a set of jumper cables that are in good shape and another good running car. The other car will be used for the power to get your car up and running again. That is it and you are ready to start.
Lift The Hood Of Each Car & Locate The Battery: The first step that you need to take is to lift the hood of each car that you will be using. There is often a release lever in the inside of the car that will be labeled. When it is pulled the hood will release then you need to move the latch to open the hood fully. The battery will be located under the hood so make sure you know where it is and how to remove the terminal covers.
Connect the Jumper Cables: The cables have two sets of clamps that are to be used on each car. You need to attach them in an exact manner and path in order to not cause any damage to your car or the car you are using to jump. The clamps on each end of the jumper cables are two separate colors. Usually they are black and red. You want to attach the red cable to the positive terminal on your battery. It is best to attach them to the dead battery first while someone is holding the opposite side apart from one another. The black clamp is then placed on the positive terminal and you repeat the process in that order on the other car that is already running.
Start the Car: The next step is to allow the running car to run and even have someone rev up the engine. This will help to transfer some of the energy to your dead battery. Then you can try and start your car and when it is successful you can carefully remove the cables while leaving the car running. The alternator will help to charge the battery while it is running so go for a drive around the block a few times.

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Once you are done you need to put everything back and off you go. If you are stuck with a dead battery and don’t have the cables or the know how you can always call for roadside assistance. Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance offers expert towing and roadside assistance.

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