Common Causes & Types of Tripped Car Rollover Accidents in Fort Worth, TX

A car accident is a stressful moment. Whether it is minor fender bender or a major rollover you often need to call in a tow truck. The first moments are left to check on the health and safety of all that were involved. Then an officer is often dispatched to make a report of the incident. Lastly the cars need to be towed away and taken to your home, a repair shop or a junk yard. This is all depending on what you want to happen to your car or truck. One type of accident that is scary is a rollover. There are actually several types of rollover accidents that you need to tell the tow company about so they dispatch the right kind of towing truck and equipment. There are really two main types of rollovers that occur with a few sub categories under them.

Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance Lists Types of Rollover Accidents

Tripped Rollover: When you are involved in a rollover accident it will be classified in a few different aspects. One is considered a tripped rollover and has some specific information that identifies it. At first it is the most common type of rollover when a single vehicle is involved. The term is what the name sounds like, the car is tripped on something that will cause the car to roll. There are off shoots of a tripped rollover but are considered their own classification.
Soft Soil Tripped Rollover: If you are in a rollover it seems that soft soil is a huge catalyst. This can occur when the car is found pulling to one side of the road or the other. This usually happens on a highway that is in a rural area where you are most likely traveling at a high rate of speed. When the car starts to hit the side of the road and the soil is soft it can pull the tires which will cause them to dig into the dirt. This will then lead to the momentum of the car to cause it to flip or rollover.
Guardrail Tripped Rollover: If you are in a tripped rollover at any time there is a catalyst that causes the car to flip. In this instance the guardrail along the road is to blame. You may start to feel sleepy and lose control of your car. The car will start to drift when you over correct and hit the guardrail with the front of the car. If your car is in a rollover from hitting a guardrail then you are in this classification.
Steep Slope Tripped Rollover: This happens when you are driving at a high rate of speed and start to veer off the side of the road. At the edge of the road there is slope that is quite steep and when your heavy vehicle hits it, the car will roll. Most often it will roll over and over until it hits the end of the slope.
Un-Tripped Rollover: This is not as common as a tripped rollover but it does occur. Your vehicle is not tripped at all and the car is flipped when you over-correct for some reason. It can be to avoid an accident or because you were distracted.

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