How to Not Get Stuck in Mud or Sand in White Settlement, TX; Scan Ahead Down Road for Potential Hazards & More

When drivers find their vehicles stuck in dirt or sand, it can quickly turn into a massive headache, though many find driving on rough terrain in the right vehicle to be more adventurous. Driving on unstable ground can be challenging, despite the excitement. Getting stuck can present you with more trouble. Today, we at Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance would like to discuss the ways you can avoid getting stuck in the sand or dirt when indulging in the more adventurous terrain.

Drivers Should Scan Ahead Seconds Down the Road for Potential Hazards

Inspect the road so you can be surer about what the conditions of the path ahead are like in the event you suspect the presence of mud, dirt, or sand, park your vehicle. Carefully plan your driving route, as this can help you avoid the obvious hazards.

Try to Drive Straight in Mud or Sand

Because curves can cause you to get stuck, try to drive in a straight line as much as possible. You can pre-map out a straight-line path to get through the rough conditions, in the event you have looked at the condition of the road.

Maintain Steady Momentum when Driving in Sand or Mud

When driving in easy-to-get-stuck-in environments, you should keep a steady and slow momentum. As you drive through the mud, do not choose to select gears at this time. In the event the wheels begin to spin, lower the throttle and let the wheels establish their traction as they get slow. When driving in sand in the early morning when it’s usually the most firm, low gear is usually way better.

Be Aware of Wheel Direction

The tires will follow in their direction if there is ruts in the road. Driving with an awareness of the direction of where your wheels are pointed to is always in your better interest as you navigate through the rougher terrain. In the direction of any ruts in the road, make certain you are pointing wheels straight.

Tire Pressure for Sand or Mud Driving

To ensure that the tires can have the maximum amount of physical contact with the ground, deflate your tires a bit when you are driving in deep mud, dirt, or sand. To improve safer driving, this step helps as it increases your traction.

Avoid Braking

When you are driving in sand or mud, avoid using your brakes as much as possible. Should you need to stop, try slowing it down instead, and let it naturally come to a stop as opposed to an abrupt and forceful halt through applying the brakes. Stomping on the brakes for a sudden stop often causes a deep rut that makes your vehicle get stuck.

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