Type of Vehicles You Can Have Towed on a Flatbed Tow Truck in Wylie, TX; Motorcycles, Sports Cars, Trucks & More

When it comes to your vehicle, most people need to have a good working car or truck that they use to get from here to there. You want to go out to your vehicle and start it and get on the road to work, school and other events that you may need to attend. When you have a problem with your car or truck it can be devastating with many people not able to make the repairs right away. This means that you may need to have your vehicle towed to a location so that it can get the repairs that are needed. The great thing is that you call for a tow truck that can come out and remove your vehicle from the side of the road and take it to your home or a garage. There are lots of reasons that someone may need a tow from a car accident to running out of gas. Not everyone is driving a standard car and may be concerned about having their specialty car towed. Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance outlines some of the different types of vehicles that may need to be towed.

Towing a Motorcycle

There are some people that choose to drive a motorcycle to get around. They might like the freedom that a motorcycle gives them to get around with ease. They also could love the access to the fresh air and the sun on their body as they drive. Others like that they can go far with little gas and will save money on insurance as well as gas money when they choose to ride a motorcycle. The problem that they might come across is if the bike breaks down or is involved in an accident. This means that you may need to have your motorcycle towed to be repaired. The great thing is that a tow company has the ability to tow your motorcycle on a flat bed. They can load it and secure it to the truck so that it can safety be moved.

How to Tow a Lowered or Sports Car

Another type of vehicle that you might end up wanting to get is a sports car. These types of cars have a lot of aspects that draw people to them. They are usually beautiful to look at and are sleek and modern. The other draw is that they are fun to drive with the engine giving off high levels of speed and horse power. If you are driving a sports car you also know that they are low to the ground. That makes it hard to tow on a standard wheel lift but can be easily moved on a flat bed.

Towing an Oversized Truck

You also might be in a category that you own an oversized vehicle. This is usually a full size truck that has been altered to give it lift or larger wheels and tires. The problem is that the oversized vehicle may have too wide of a wheel base or it is too heavy to tow. If you are trying to tow it on your own these concerns are valid. If you are using a professional towing company they have the ability to tow your oversized vehicle safely.

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