How to Tow a 2, 4 & All Wheel Drive Vehicle Without Damage to Transfer Case & More in Rockwall, TX

Though many people are unaware, your driving is affected through 2, 4, and all-wheel drive and between them, they all have differences. The drivetrain is what adds power to its vehicles’ wheels and the impact can be major when driving in extreme weather conditions or on rough terrain. To help differentiate the distinctions, we at Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance would like to elaborate on the differences between 2, 4, and all-wheel drive.

How to Avoid Transmission Damage when Towing a 4 Wheel Drive

With 4-wheel drive equipped vehicles, all 4 of the wheels have torque applied to them. On normal roads, turning distances is granted as a vehicle’s 4 wheels turn at different speeds. As a helpful aid to drivers, the traction on slippery conditions is reduced since the differential gears permit the wheels to turn at different weights flawlessly on normal roads. Though it is not ideal for normal smooth roads, 4-wheel drive vehicles are perfect for rough or rainy road as they grant you to automatically or manually lock. The front and back axles of the wheels receive equal amounts of torque from the center differential. To let you steadily climb up steep conditions or over obstacles, all-wheel drive vehicles also supply low gears with highly multiplied power. For harsher terrain driving the -wheel drive vehicles are generally higher up and with more wheel clearance. Rugged vehicles are typically equipped with 4-wheel drive, which also lessens the efficiency of the gas mileage. To avoid transmission damage, 4 wheel drive vehicles should be towed on a flatbed tow truck with all 4 wheels off the road.

Towing an All Wheel Drive (AWD) Vehicle

All 4 wheels is delivered with power due to all-wheel drive vehicles. In most cases when either quick acceleration or slippery conditions are present, these vehicles send power to all 4 wheels automatically. For the most part these drivetrains’ functioning is already enforced, varying torque levels are different in the various wheels. For drivers who find they need it, this allows extra traction in rain or snow. Keep in mind though, that any off-roading applications is not intended with all-wheel drive vehicles. Like 4 wheel drive vehicles, awd vehicles should also be towed with all four wheels off the road on the back of a flatbed tow truck.

How to Tow a Front or Rear Two Wheel Drive Vehicle

To deliver better traction in slippery rainy conditions, the 2-wheel drive is a drivetrain is offered in either front or rear wheel options. Without the requirement for a drive shaft transfer to the rear wheels, the majority of cars sold today are front wheel drives, permits the floor of the cabin can be flat since it provides more interior space than rear wheel drive vehicles. Heavy rear loads, such as trucks in addition to performance vehicles meant for high speeds benefit from the rear wheel drives offering good traction and weight for many types of vehicles. If your car is a front 2 wheel drive, a wheel lift tow truck which only lifts the front wheels off the ground is a good towing choice but if your car is a rear 2 wheel drive, the drive shaft will have to be disconnected and removed first so as not to damage the transmission. Both front or rear 2 wheel drive vehicles can be towed with a flatbed tow truck where all four wheels are off the ground.

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To help prevent a collision caused by slippery roads, or the extra traction needed to traverse rough terrain, the different drivetrain features can assist drivers get out of bind. However, with Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance, we can provide exceptional towing services, no matter if you have fallen into an accident due to slippery conditions, find yourself stuck in a ditch or another circumstance. To ensure superior towing services and friendly customer service, our certified professionals have the training, skills, and experience to assist you with your towing needs. For quick and convenient assistance, store our contact information to your cellphone.

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